#34: The Key to Creating the Year You Want (the VISION episode)

Jan 05, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#34: The Key to Creating the Year You Want (the VISION episode)

If I only got to work with you on ONE thing, and we could never speak again, I'd help you create your VISION.

It wouldn't matter what goals you're taking on or what kinds of pressing challenges you're facing.

This would be the ONE conversation I'd want to have with you.

(OBviously if I had my druthers, I'd have many more after that, to help you stay accountable to that Vision and proactively deal with any crap that comes up in the process, but first thing's first!)

Your VISION is who you want to become on purpose. It's the story you want to believe about yourself.

But why do we care?

With time-sensitive decisions to make over there, and high-stakes options to choose between over here, why is identifying your VISION so stinkin' important?

Because you start making different decisions when you're guided by a Vision.

And those different decisions create a different reality than you would otherwise experience.

In short, it changes your life to define yourself on your own, intentional terms!

Here's what you'll get from this episode:

  • How a Vision is different than a Goal (aka: You don't have to know your ideal job title to know who you want to become on purpose!)
  • Why it's vital to start defining yourself by who you're becoming (NOT just "who you've been")
  • Examples of Vision Statements and helpful How-To's to make this exercise easy (i.e. "It's 100% ok if your Vision is boring" 😅)



  • Want real-time, Zoom face-to-Zoom face help from me crafting your Vision Statement? Come to the 2023 Clarity Workshop! You'll not only leave crystal clear on Who you want to become on purpose, you'll clarify your Goals and Core Values too. You'll be primed and ready to make powerful, aligned decisions from there! 🎉
  • Not watching real-time? Get instant access to the self-paced Clarity Workshop that you can do on your own time (plus some sweet BONUSES!)
  • Curious about longer-term support in staying aligned with your Vision and following through on your Goals? The Decision Masters Program is for you. 🙌
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