Decision Masters

Never overthink a decision again.


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In the DMP, you build Decision Mastery:

 You'll know what matters most to you.

You'll be clear on why you're deciding what you are (and you'll love your reasons).

You'll feel in control of how you spend your time. 

You'll take action on what you want.

You'll get out of the decades-old mindset that you're not enough (or not doing enough).

You'll know exactly what to do when you feel overwhelmed or anxious.

You'll trust every choice you make.

If this is what you want, you're in the right place.

Client Spotlight

Hear what self-described "Recovering Overthinker" Kirsten (yes, there are more than one of us! 😅has to say about the program & her results: 

  • "I knew I needed a way to make decisions more quickly & efficiently & effectively"
  • "I feel so confident in the decisions I make now - They don't take up 90% of my brain anymore"
  • "I've been released from the burden of needing other people to like all my choices"

Confident, clear decisions make everything EASIER.

What makes things harder? NOISE.

  • Confusion about what to do next
  • Anxiety that you'll choose wrong
  • Worry you'll let someone down
  • Guilt about not doing enough
  • Doubt that what you want is possible (or deserved)
  • Mistrust of what you think and feel

You've probably gotten good at dealing with the noise. After all, you're still making decisions and getting things done every single day.

But I know you don't wanna live in NOISE. You want a better, more permanent solution.

You want to change how loud the noise gets, and how often you hear it in the first place.

You want a reliable system to know you're making the RIGHT decisions - decisions on PURPOSE - every day.

That's exactly what you'll get in the DMP: The 20-week Group Coaching Program where you'll MASTER the skill of making decisions you love, with ease.

So many brainy, high-achievers overthink. Why?

  • You may have a grit & hustle mindset that's gotten you tons of success but always means "we can't have boundaries until LATER" 😓
  • You probably have mega high standards that you don't reeeally want to give up, but they make you feel like you're behind & letting people down WAY too often 😳
  • You legitimately have so much to do - the ability to feel rested, present AND productive simultaneously sounds like a mean fairy tale 😣
  • You still have regret, guilt or shame about the past, which makes trusting a "big, bold choice" today feel risky, irresponsible &/or selfish 😞

The good news? It's not permanent, and you're not alone.

Changing these habits is a PROCESS, but (yay) it's totally possible. 

It's easier if you use science-based habit change and focus on one thing at a time.

The DMP will help you do BOTH. You'll change habits using consistency instead of will-power. And you'll get unstuck from the overwhelmed paralysis that happens when you try to do ALL THE THINGS, all at once.

And the BEST place for you to build more empowering habits is in a collective of growth-minded people all doing it together. People championing YOUR success at the same time you're learning from THEIR experiences. YES. 🙌

Fear is different. In the beginning, the fear was so much about outside, societal expectations and pressures, and it was very noisy and clangy. And now I’m living my life for myself. I’m doing the things I want to be doing and they’re brand new, so it’s scary! But it’s easier because I have less fear & anxiety in my day-to-day.

So when fear does come up, I have more bandwidth and I’m not exhausted. I’m able to think critically, and apply different perspectives, and sit with it, and not become completely overwhelmed by it. Because it feels more rare than it did before.

I’m able to make decisions now because I trust myself more. And now that I’ve eliminated a lot of the unnecessary negative noise, I can hear myself clearly and loudly. It’s easy to make decisions because the next, best thing is just more obvious.

— Ariell

How to Create Decision Mastery


The most important skill that lets you to make fast, powerful decisions is being able to know what you want. This means being crystal clear with yourself on what matters most to you and (importantly) what doesn't

In the DMP, you'll learn how it truly is a SKILL to work through your thoughts & feelings to arrive at clarity on what you want. Then you'll learn the bonus skill of unapologetically permitting yourself to want it!


Note: This is different from discipline, grit & will power. Decision Mastery requires an awareness of and healthy regard for your body, brain & emotions.

In the DMP, you'll learn how to regulate stress, process emotions and manage your mindset. This is how you'll be able to stay consciously self-directed amidst the surprises, failures & feelings of everyday life!


Clarity & Self-Regulation without Self-Trust is like being on a luxurious Yacht with a fabulous island within Yachting distance but zero belief that you can, or deserve to, Yacht.

In other words, they're useless if you don't trust yourself. 

You'll learn how to respect your own boundaries, stop using judgment as motivation, and never fear your own backlash of regret again.

How we do it in the Decision Masters Program

  • One-on-One Decision Anchor Session

In your private kick-off session, I'll help you get crystal clear on your Vision, Goals and Core Values. These make up your Decision Anchor, which you'll use to identify your next steps, organize priorities & get discerning about how you spend your resources.  Grounded focus starts here - no waiting! 💪 You'll leave knowing exactly what's most important to you, as well as the first growth area to focus on in coaching.

  • 5-Day Kick-Off Bootcamp 

In Week 1, the entire group will meet virtually for under an hour a day, Bootcamp Style! In these shorter, targeted sessions, we'll cover the primary tools & concepts that you'll master over the next 15 weeks. You'll get the key Science-Based Tools to handle challenging thoughts & regulate emotions.🧘‍♀️You'll end this week feeling REJUVENATED, with your thinking already transformed, and primed for lasting habit change. 

  • Weekly Group Coaching

Each week on Zoom, we'll coach on anything coming up in your daily life, as you start showing up to your relationships, work & alone time in a more conscious way. We'll create a safe, compassionate, purpose-driven community. We'll celebrate ALL THE WINS. 🎉 You'll learn from others' experiences, and they'll learn from yours. We'll normalize the Humaning we usually judge (you know, having feelings, being imperfect, etc). You'll get AHAs, course corrections and dedicated time to reconnect with what matters to YOU, every single week.

  • Complete Curriculum Vault

You have 24/7 access to Workshops on Communication, Navigating Fear, Processing Emotions, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, Time, Money, Stress, Intentional Motivation...and so much more...! Clients who leave the DMP say they feel like "they're equipped with a full tool belt." The Curriculum Vault is our Home Depot! 🪛 Dive into what you need, when you need it. We'll reference this material throughout our work together, and I'll make targeted suggestions when there's a tool I think would specifically serve you.

  • Daily Support & Community on Slack

This is our safe space to gather, celebrate, talk about what's resonating from the DMP resources (including the Recommended Reading List), reflect on how our days and decisions are feeling different, and celebrate MORE WINS (you can tell I'm big on celebration, but you can't argue with the science that shows how effective it is!). Your friends and family are wonderful, but they may not be able to listen to you without redirecting the conversation to themselves, or throw you a Rose Parade when you make a decision you love. We will. 😉

  • BONUS Private Coaching Sessions

Most weeks, you'll get exactly what you need from the Group Coaching and Slack Community. But every once in a while, you'll want to explore something more in-depth. We make space for this. Private Sessions are INCLUDED in the Decision Masters Program, to be used whenever they'll most support. 👌

What DMP Clients are Celebrating


I was feeling overwhelmed by the decisions that seemed huge and so heavy. I didn’t have a good sense of what I really wanted. After talking to you the first time, I learned the word “self-trust” - I didn’t have self-trust, and I was going back and forth. It was it was literally making me sick, I was so stressed out. I thought I had this potential to actually make the wrong decision and “Oh my God, my life is going to be over.”

Now I’m in the place where I finally feel like I have control over my life and my emotions.

I trust, now more than ever, in my ability to go through the decision. There are a lot of big things happening in my life this year, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It is a series of small decisions that I make as I need to make them. I can’t thank you enough for everything - coaching, and just the massive change you brought into my life.

— Megan