The Decision Masters Program

Ready to stop overthinking and make aligned decisions with confidence?
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Make confident decisions.

Based on what you want.

With ease.


If you’ve made it to my corner of the world, you’re likely a smartypants overachiever with super high standards. (I say this with only love, no judgment...and you know I’m right. 😉)

You value efficiency. You love being productive. You're used to succeeding (though you normally focus on how you could've done better...). 

But you're ready for the next chapter to look different.

You're ready to stop feeling perpetually "behind" and "not enough." To stop feeling like it's impossible to know what to prioritize. To stop focusing on what other people will think about your choices. And for every decision — big or small — to stop taking SO much time & energy! 


Make decisions that align with who you want to be & the life you want to live

Feel confident that your choices are "the right ones" & commit to them fully

Free up headspace so you can be fully present in your work AND off time

"I feel super in charge of my decisions and day-to-day life." S.

Life can really look like this!

We just need to update your Decision Making.

Up until now, you’ve made decisions based on a system that’s developed on its own, over time.

Some decisions have worked out, others not so much…regardless, you probably didn't feel as IN CHARGE of them as you want to.

You’ve probably:

  • Based too many decisions on what other people want or expect
  • Drawn decisions out for years (slash never made them) because of paralyzing options & “What if's”
  • Continued down career/relationship roads without being certain of what you really want
  • Over-focused on worst-case-scenario outcomes & what you might regret
  • Recycled self-judgment about mistakes or failures for the past decade or four!

Decision Masters is where you reprogram your decision making

Take charge of the “rules” you follow – and let go of the ones you don’t need anymore!

I'm ready to talk about this! 🎉

Client Spotlight

Meet my client, self-described "Recovering Overthinker" Kirsten (yes, there are more than one of us! 😅).

She knew she “needed a way to make decisions more quickly & efficiently & effectively" – and within weeks of joining, she made the clear, confident choice to leave her job of 22 years and start her business. (YES!)

Best of all, she didn’t let fear of people’s opinions dictate what she did. "I've been released from the burden of needing other people to like all my choices."


With Decision Mastery, you will:

  • Feel CONFIDENT that you’re making decisions that are aligned for you
  • Legitimately believe you have a CHOICE in everything you do
  • Base decisions on what YOU want
  • REGULATE & REDUCE stress so you don’t live in overwhelm
  • Make decisions QUICKLY with less EFFORT
  • Feel free to ENJOY the present moment
  • Prioritize & manage your time with EASE
Which means you will no longer...
  • Be in a constant stress state about "unsolvable problems" & "unmakeable decisions"
  • Stay stuck in option paralysis with no way out
  • Default to the decisions you think will upset or disappoint people the least
  • Constantly angst about what you should do next or if you’re on the right path
  • Beat yourself up over little mistakes from today OR decisions from 20 years ago
  • Feel like you’re never doing enough 
  • Second-guess every choice (and yourself!)
Yup, that's what I want.

"We’re so fortunate to feel confident about our choices, knowing that we’d done so much work to identify our values and goals for this next chapter.”

— A. after some big life choices with a partner

How the Decision Masters Program works!


The DMP is a year-round membership you commit to for 15 weeks at at time.

It will change the way you make decisions for LIFE.

JOIN to clarify what you want, commit to decisions with confidence, and change the habits that are complicating choices & diminishing your self-trust right now.

STAY to keep yourself aligned with what matters to you & accountable to your goals, and to get support with all the NEW challenges & opportunities that unfold ( know they never stop a'comin!). 

You may complete one subscription period (3.5ish months) and feel like it was exactly what you needed. Or you may, like most of my clients do, decide that once you have this support in place, you just want to keep it there because it makes everything easier! 

The most important thing is that you and I both commit to making sure you get what you came for: Confidence – Clarity – Guilt-Free Self-Direction

I am SO ready to feel decisive

I was feeling overwhelmed by the decisions that seemed huge and so heavy. I didn’t have a good sense of what I really wanted. After talking to you the first time, I learned the word “self-trust” - I didn’t have self-trust, and I was going back and forth. It was it was literally making me sick, I was so stressed out. I thought I had this potential to actually make the wrong decision and “Oh my God, my life is going to be over.”

Now I’m in the place where I finally feel like I have control over my life and my emotions.

I trust, now more than ever, in my ability to go through the decision. There are a lot of big things happening in my life this year, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It is a series of small decisions that I make as I need to make them. I can’t thank you enough for everything - coaching, and just the massive change you brought into my life.

— Megan

Build the habit of making powerful, authentic,

self-honoring decisions (every day).

You'll do this in the program by focusing on the 3 fundamentals of Decision Mastery:

To make fast, powerful decisions, you have to be able to know (& trust) what you want. This means being crystal clear on what matters most to you and what doesn't

In the DMP, you'll learn how to work through your thoughts & feelings to arrive at clarity on what you want. Then you'll learn the bonus skill of unapologetically permitting yourself to want it!


Note: This is different from discipline, grit & will power. Decision Mastery requires an awareness of and healthy regard for your body, brain & emotions.

In the DMP, you'll learn how to regulate stress, process emotions and manage your mindset. So you can stay consciously self-directed amidst the surprises, failures & feelings of everyday life!


To create the life you want and truly enjoy it, you have to trust yourself! This can be hard after a lifetime of second-guessing & harsh self-criticism coupled with anxiety about future regets.

In the DMP, you'll learn how to respect your own boundaries, tune fully into your Resilience & Resourcefulness, and stay firmly on your own team, no matter what!



🎉 The first subscription period will begin on Jan 19, 2023 — but you can get IMMEDIATE ACCESS, at no extra cost

Here's what you get inside the Decision Masters Program:


  • You can ask me for coaching any time you want on our communication platform, Slack (starting right when you join!) 
  • We can have (multiple) ongoing conversations in the public Coaching Channel or privately (1-on-1).
  • Everyone communicates differently, so tell me what's on your mind by typing a message, sending a voice note or recording a video — whatever works best for you!


  • This is where you can ask for live coaching and we get to dialogue real-time.
  • You can also connect with the community and watch others get coaching that WILL apply to you (trust me!) 
  • Live Group Calls will begin starting Thursday Jan 19, 2023.


  • This 5-module, self-paced course will take you less than 90-minutes to complete.
  • You'll learn the Fundamentals of Powerful, Conscious Decision Making and the primary tools to start using right away.
  • This will make it immediately easier to work through fears & stress, stop being so hard on yourself, and make fast, firm decisions! (Access begins Jan 19, 2023)


  • The BEST part of being an overthinking high-achiever making more empowered, self-compassionate decisions…? You’re not ALONE!
  • Connect with other members on the hard stuff — Celebrate your WINS — Make real human connections.


  • Part of your decision making habit change will involve using new TOOLS.
  • As soon as you sign up, you'll get instant access to over a dozen Workshops, with resources on Communication, Navigating Fear, Processing Emotions, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, Time, Money, Stress, Motivation and so much more...! 
  • I will always recommend something specifically when I think there's a tool or practice that could really help you.
Pop the champagne 🥂 I want this!

Fear is different. In the beginning, the fear was so much about outside, societal expectations and pressures, and it was very noisy and clangy. And now I’m living my life for myself. I’m doing the things I want to be doing and they’re brand new, so it’s scary! But it’s easier because I have less fear & anxiety in my day-to-day.

So when fear does come up, I have more bandwidth and I’m not exhausted. I’m able to think critically, and apply different perspectives, and sit with it, and not become completely overwhelmed by it. Because it feels more rare than it did before.

I’m able to make decisions now because I trust myself more. And now that I’ve eliminated a lot of the unnecessary negative noise, I can hear myself clearly and loudly. It’s easy to make decisions because the next, best thing is just more obvious.

— Ariell

Overthinking doesn’t stop on its own.

The faster you get help, the faster you can make the powerful, confident decisions that will move you forward!

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"I don't feel desperate for time or frantic like before” Elizabeth


  • The Decision Masters Program Membership officially opens JANUARY 19th 2023
  • But you can get EARLY ACCESS + BONUS COACHING now!
  • Join NOW for instant access to unlimited Coaching with me via Slack and to the Workshop Bank!
  • Your 15-week subscription won't begin until January 19th (aka you get BONUS coaching at no extra charge through Jan 19th!)
  • On January 19th, access will open to the Decision Masters Course, Online Community, and twice-monthly Coaching Calls
  • Group Coaching Calls will take place on Zoom on the First Thursday (10am PT) and Third Thursday (8am PT) of every month
  • The investment for 3.5 months is $3000 — Payment plans are available
  • BONUS PRIVATE SESSIONS: Enroll by December 31st to receive THREE PRIVATE SESSIONS to use any time between Jan 1 - May 4, 2023!
Clarity & confidence here I come

I went from anxious overthinker to Confident & Clear

(and my entire life changed!)

I’m Kirsten. I have a Yale Master’s Degree and was a professional Stage Manager in live theatre for over ten years. I’ve consistently been seen as smart, capable & over-achievy – just like you. 

But for most of that time, I couldn't hear myself clearly. In choices from weekend plans to career paths, I didn't know how to tell what I really wanted – or what I was really afraid of. 

This meant I made a lotta decisions from scarcity, obligation, habit, fear of judgment & GUESSING. Until I finally figured out how to make decisions I could actually trust.

With ever-growing Decision Mastery (...we're never done, right!...) my business, relationships and self-confidence started thriving. As I stopped operating on "shoulds," confusion & hustle.

I'll help you stop overthinking & learn how to hear yourself clearly: So you no longer focus on non-essentials, can throw full commitment into your choices, and create the life you TRULY want to be living!

What DMP Clients are Celebrating


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