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Ready to trust every decision you make?

End overthinking. Make progress on what matters.
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What it means to build Decision Mastery:

 You base your choices on what you want & value.

You process fear, guilt & regret so they don't run rampant & dictate your decisions.

You feel free to be yourself, unapologetically, everywhere in your life.

You trust yourself & thoroughly understand what you want.

You know how to feel present & enjoy your day-to-day life. 

You take action on what matters.

If this is what you want, you're in the right place.

"I feel super in charge of my decisions and day-to-day life." S.

Decisions don't have to DRAIN you.

But with decades' worth of instinctual, conditioned & learned habits influencing your daily choices, it's SO normal they do.

That's why you can end up super smart & accomplished and still:

  • Over-anxious about the personal & professional fallout of "choosing wrong"
  • Badger yourself to be overly productive WHILST guilt-tripping for not doing enough
  • Pulled in too many directions without a clue of where you genuinely want to go
  • Care too much what other people will think of what you do
  • Not fulfill your potential because you're holding back & second-guessing
  • Neglect your essential self-care (yes, even though "you know better")
  • Make decisions from fear or the path of least resistance rather than genuine self-direction

I know seeing them in list form isn't the funnest, but if these habits are running your decisions, you need to know they're changeable. And faster than you think!

The Decision Masters Program

New Year's Edition!

3 months of Private & Group Coaching plus a Suite of On-Demand Workshops

October 24, 2022 - January 24, 2023

Make powerful, self-honoring choices — Change stressful habits— Get focused & aligned

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Client Spotlight

Hear what self-described "Recovering Overthinker" Kirsten (yes, there are more than one of us! πŸ˜…has to say about the program & her results: 

  • "I knew I needed a way to make decisions more quickly & efficiently & effectively"
  • "I feel so confident in the decisions I make now - They don't take up 90% of my brain anymore"
  • "I've been released from the burden of needing other people to like all my choices"


Is your 3-month Habit & Mindset Reset with Community included

You'll walk away with:

  • Confidence in what you're deciding (and HOW you're deciding it) 
  • Clarity about what you value & who you want to be
  • New habits of being nicer to yourself (more compassionate, forgiving & gasp! celebratory πŸŽ‰)
  • Feeling in charge of your choices (like you have OPTIONS & can solve any problem you need to)
  • The ability to be fully present in all the different modes of your days 

 ...Which will allow you to:

  • Take action & make tangible progress on what matters 
  • Feel less physical anxiety & manage stress better in the moment
  • Stop over-indulging unregulated guilt, shame, regret & fear of people's opinions
  • Let go of the "never doing enough" judgment & Neverending To Do List distraction 
  • Be more efficient & focused (aka have more TIME!) 

"We’re so fortunate to feel confident about our choices, knowing that we’d done so much work to identify our values and goals for this next chapter.”

— A. after some big life choices with a partner

I went from anxious overthinker to Confident & Clear

(and my entire life changed!)

I’m Kirsten. I have a Yale Master’s Degree and was a professional Stage Manager for live theatre for over ten years. I’ve consistently been seen as smart, capable & over-achievy – just like you. 

But for most of that time, I couldn't hear myself clearly. In choices from weekend plans to career paths, I didn't know how to tell what I really wanted – or what I was really afraid of. 

This meant I made a lotta decisions from scarcity, obligation, habit, fear of judgment & GUESSING. Until I finally prioritized making decisions I could actually trust.

With ever-growing Decision Mastery (...we're never done, right!...) my new business started thriving ('cause I stopped operating on "shoulds," comparison & boundary-less hustle) — I could be present and pleasant in my relationship (instead of constantly reacting to things outside my control) — and I finally treated myself with the trust & respect I'd been missing.

I'll help you stop overthinking & learn how to hear yourself clearly: So you no longer focus on non-essentials, can throw full commitment into your choices, and create the life you TRULY want to be living!

Fear is different. In the beginning, the fear was so much about outside, societal expectations and pressures, and it was very noisy and clangy. And now I’m living my life for myself. I’m doing the things I want to be doing and they’re brand new, so it’s scary! But it’s easier because I have less fear & anxiety in my day-to-day.

So when fear does come up, I have more bandwidth and I’m not exhausted. I’m able to think critically, and apply different perspectives, and sit with it, and not become completely overwhelmed by it. Because it feels more rare than it did before.

I’m able to make decisions now because I trust myself more. And now that I’ve eliminated a lot of the unnecessary negative noise, I can hear myself clearly and loudly. It’s easy to make decisions because the next, best thing is just more obvious.

— Ariell

How The Decision Masters Program Works

  • 5-Day Kick-Off Bootcamp

In Week 1, the entire group will meet virtually for under an hour a day, Bootcamp Style. πŸ’ͺ These targeted sessions will create community as we explore your "old rules" of decision making and write NEW ones. You'll deepen your self-understanding, strengthen self-trust, and transform the way you think & feel about decisions (from your past & coming up in the future). You'll end this week feeling REJUVENATED, primed for lasting habit change. 

  • Private Coaching Sessions 

In these sessions, you'll constructively explore fears & questions as you stay aligned with your goals. We'll organize your thoughts, explore obstacles with a solution-focus, and equip you to have more & more honest, productive conversations with yourself going forward. πŸ›£οΈ Private sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes, and we schedule them in the way that most supports you (some people meet weekly, others sporadically  there's no one-size-fits-all approach. We just do what works!).

  • 5 Integrative Group Sessions

We'll connect as a group at strategic points to share, celebrate & integrate growth. When you watch others get coached, you get access to a perspective on your own challenges & wisdom that's otherwise unavailable and you don't feel ALONE in your experience! 🀝 In addition to throwing confetti for wins & sharing struggles, these meets will include workshops customized for this specific group of people (TBD, but for example: Creating Non-Stressful Holidays or Conscious End of Year Close-Out).

  • On-Demand Self-Coaching Workshop Vault

You have 24/7 access to Workshops on Communication, Navigating Fear, Processing Emotions, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, Time, Money, Stress, Motivation and so much more...! Clients who leave the DMP say they feel like "they're equipped with a full tool belt." The Workshop Vault is our Home Depot! πŸͺ› Dive into what you need, when you need it. We'll reference this material throughout our work together, and I'll make targeted suggestions when there's a workshop I think would specifically serve you.

  • Daily Support & Community on Slack

This is the safe space to gather, celebrate & deeply encode the habit & mindset change we're working on. We'll talk about what's resonating from the DMP resources (including the Recommended Reading List), reflect on how our days & decisions are feeling different, and celebrate MORE WINS (you can tell I'm big on celebration, but you can't argue with the science that shows how effective it is!). Your friends and family are wonderful, but they may not be able to listen to you without redirecting the conversation to themselves, or throw you a Rose Parade when you make a decision you love. We will.🍾πŸ₯‚

  • Private Podcast

Everything we do together in the DMP, from the 5-Day Bootcamp to Group Sessions to the On-Demand Workshops, will also be available in audio form on the Private Podcast. So if you're more of an auditory learner (or simply want to listen on the go instead of sit & watch the replay), you're covered. 🎧

"I don't feel desperate for time or frantic like before” YOU in January 2023 (also Elizabeth in 2022!)

I was feeling overwhelmed by the decisions that seemed huge and so heavy. I didn’t have a good sense of what I really wanted. After talking to you the first time, I learned the word “self-trust” - I didn’t have self-trust, and I was going back and forth. It was it was literally making me sick, I was so stressed out. I thought I had this potential to actually make the wrong decision and “Oh my God, my life is going to be over.”

Now I’m in the place where I finally feel like I have control over my life and my emotions.

I trust, now more than ever, in my ability to go through the decision. There are a lot of big things happening in my life this year, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It is a series of small decisions that I make as I need to make them. I can’t thank you enough for everything - coaching, and just the massive change you brought into my life.

— Megan

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What You'll Master in the DMP


The most important skill that lets you to make fast, powerful decisions is being able to know what you want. This means being crystal clear with yourself on what matters most to you and (importantly) what doesn't

In the DMP, you'll learn how it truly is a SKILL to work through your thoughts & feelings to arrive at clarity on what you want. Then you'll learn the bonus skill of unapologetically permitting yourself to want it!


Note: This is different from discipline, grit & will power. Decision Mastery requires an awareness of and healthy regard for your body, brain & emotions.

In the DMP, you'll learn how to regulate stress, process emotions and manage your mindset. This is how you'll be able to stay consciously self-directed amidst the surprises, failures & feelings of everyday life!


Clarity & Self-Regulation without Self-Trust is like being on a luxurious Yacht with a fabulous island within Yachting distance but zero belief that you can, or deserve to, Yacht.

In other words, they're useless if you don't trust yourself. 

You'll learn how to respect your own boundaries, stop using judgment as motivation, and never fear your own backlash of regret again.


  • The next round of the DMP runs from Oct 24, 2022  — Feb 7, 2023
  • The times for the Bootcamp calls (Oct 24-28) will be based on what works for the majority of the group (and will be recorded)
  • We'll meet 5 more times between Nov-Feb (dates tbd)
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions included (30 or 60 minutes)
  • Spots are limited and enrollment will close when we're full
  • The program investment is $3000  — payment plans are available
  • The next step to confirm if it's a perfect fit is for us to have a conversation (go ahead & book it now!)
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