Ready to get clear on what you want in 2023?


Come to the 2023 CLARITY WORKSHOP!



No more confusion & overwhelm about what to do or what you want.

You'll leave this workshop knowing what matters most and how to take intentional next steps.

Let's make 2023 the year you want it to be. 

Two dates to choose from (Jan 10th or 12th) for LIVE COACHING to clarify your Vision, Goals & Values for the year ahead.

I'm SO in for Clarity πŸŽ‰

Let's decide what you want.


New Year's can mean wide open possibility OR total overwhelm, depending on how you do it! 

If you prefer the former, this workshop is for you. πŸ₯‚

Because you don't want to end up with the #1 problem I hear from people:

"I've been making decisions based on what I've always done, what other people want, what feels safe...and I'm over it! I'm ready to make decisions based on WHAT I WANT."

The easiest, fastest way to avoid 2023 looking like that ☝️ is to take the time to get clear on what you want NOW.

The problem is: "Clarifying goals" usually feels like Option Paralysis & Busywork just waiting to happen!

That's why CLARITY is the first place I start with any client.

We identify who you want to be and what you want to do & feel.

And we SIMPLIFY everything that feels complicated about it (like consequences you're afraid of...other people's opinions...fear of choosing wrong...all the Overthinker obstacles!)

The 2023 Clarity Workshop walks you through this exact process of deciding what you want.

And I'll be there to coach you on anything that feels fuzzy or complicated!

Come if you want to be able to say THIS going into 2023 (and mean it!):

"I like what I'm doing, I know where I'm going, and I know what needs to change. BAM." πŸ’ͺ

I want 2023 to feel easy & authentic πŸ™Œ

"I feel so confident in the decisions I make now - They don't take up 90% of my brain anymore!" —KJP

The 2023 Clarity Workshop is an interactive, working session.

I'll share the core concepts you need to know to identify what you want (so yes, you can lay low if you're more of an observer-absorber).

But the bulk of our time will be working out your specific Vision, Goals and Values, so you walk away with clarity (not homework!)


Here's what you'll create in the Clarity Workshop:


Who you want to be 6 months from now

A person with healthy boundaries... A brave, badass entrepreneur... Someone who treats themselves compassionately... 

You'll stop defining yourself by who you've been and start basing decisions on who you want to become.


What you want to achieve & experience

I'll help you work through confusion, fear & option paralysis to make concrete decisions about where to spend your time & energy — and where not to!

(Yes, we'll do this no matter how jumbled your goal ideas feel. πŸ‘)


What's of core importance in this specific season of your life

What feels better than knowing you're aligned with what matters most to you??

Identifying your specific, current values will let you feel anchored and stay accountable to yourself.


You'll know exactly what you'll do next to take action on all of this, and how you'll make it easy!

Yup, this is the Clarity I want πŸ₯‚

I'm Kirsten — the Decision Coach for Overthinkers

I run the Decision Masters Program & Decision Masters Podcast — where I help smart, ambitious people like YOU get outta their heads and feel good about the decisions they make.

So you can use your time & energy on what matters — and stop being super hard on yourself in the process. πŸ™Œ

If you're ready to get CLEAR on what you want in're in the right place!

I can hear myself clearly and loudly. It’s easy to make decisions because the next, best thing is just more obvious." —Ariell

πŸŽ‰ Time to make your Game Plan!


You don't want to find yourself stuck, behind or aimless half-way through the year.

That's a recipe for self-judgment & pushing yourself to burnout if I ever heard one...and that is NOT what 2023 is gonna be about (...not if I have anything to say about it!)

This workshop will set you up to:

  • Feel empowered & self-directed
  • Honor your real priorities
  • Create more of the experiences & achievements you WANT!
Sign me up for Self-Direction πŸ™Œ

Make 2023 the year you WANT

I have a bold claim to make.

You can absolutely create, achieve & experience WHAT YOU WANT this year. 

Yup, I say that without knowing the details of your sleep schedule or the far-fetched-ness of your dreams.


Because I've seen it in my clients, I've lived it myself, and I simply can't deny the power of authentic, self-honoring intention.

So what's gonna get in the way of 2023 being the year you want?

❌ Not deciding what you want. 

❌ Not believing it's possible.

❌ Not committing to make it hapen.

The 2023 Clarity Workshop is the first step towards eliminating these barriers, my friend.

NAME what you want so you can OWN it. Get COACHING on what feels impossible or scary. And COMMIT to your goals!

We're running the workshop twice, to give you a better chance of attending LIVE — but you'll be able to watch the replay either way.

πŸ‘‰Come LIVE on Tue Jan 10th at 10am PT -OR- Thurs Jan 12th at 8am PT πŸ‘ˆ

You'll also get these BONUSES when you sign-up!

  1. The 4 Fear Questions: How to consciously dialogue with your fear so it never overwhelms you to the point of stuckness again
  2. Boundaries Walk-Through: What kinds of boundaries do you really need, and how can you set them? This answers that.
  3. Weekly Prioritization Template: Everyone has their own method of "task organization" - but I want to help you make sure you're deciding on purpose What's most important right now?  This Bonus will do that.
Gimme my seat - I'm in!

"I was feeling overwhelmed by decisions that seemed huge and so heavy. I didn’t have a good sense of what I really wanted. 

I didn’t have self-trust, and I was going back and forth.

It was it was literally making me sick, I was so stressed out. I thought I had this potential to actually make the wrong decision and “Oh my God, my life is going to be over.”

Now I’m in the place where I finally feel like I have control over my life and my emotions.

I trust, now more than ever, in my ability to go through the decision. There are a lot of big things happening in my life this year, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It is a series of small decisions that I make as I need to make them." —Megan


I'm in for a Clear New Year!