Ready to get crystal clear? 

No more confusion & overwhelm about what to do or what you want! 

You'll leave this workshop knowing what matters most and how to take intentional next steps (EVEN if you still have questions)

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Get instant access to The Clarity Workshop

The three-part self-paced online workshop that will help you organize your thoughts, decide what matters and move forward with intention!

Want to organize your priorities so you can do more of what matters?

The Clarity Workshop will help you stop questioning what to do next (and overworking without enough to show for it!)

🎉 In this 3-part 90-ish-minute training, you'll...

  • Create your Decision Anchor, a brand new, holistic, much-more-helpful-than-the-old-way system to feel clear any time, regardless of unknowns
  • Establish your Vision so you can stop defining yourself by who you've been and start basing decisions on who you want to become
  • Define your Goals so you know exactly where to spend your time & energy going forward
  • Identify your Current Core Values so you aren't just an achievement machine, but can create the balance that'll let you truly love your life
I want to make Clarity easy

You'll know WHO you want to become, the GOALS you want to pursue, and the VALUES you want to align with.

Don't forget about the BONUSES!

I want to help make your next steps forward as EASY as possible. These Bonuses are included to help you navigate inevitable challenges ahead:

  • 4 Questions to Consciously Address Fear - It's great to get clear, but then comes along fear! (Sorry...I swear there's no rhyming in the actual workshop...). This Bonus will help you move forward instead of getting stuck at or overwhelmed by FEAR.
  • Boundaries Walk-through - To say YES to what we want, we gotta say NO to a whole lot. This Bonus makes it easy to identify what kinds of boundaries will help you & to actually uphold them!
  • Weekly Prioritization Template -  The workshop will help you get Macro Clarity, and this Bonus will help you create MICRO Clarity! Use this simple system to identify top priorities for the day or week and stay out of overwhelmed confusion for good!
  • PLUS exclusive access to Live Coaching Events, just for Clarity Workshop members
I'm ready to feel clear!


Move forward with intention

And make it FUN while you're at it.

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