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Hi there!

Coaching with me happens inside the Decision Masters Program: A year-round membership that you join one 3.5-month period at a time. 

The program includes both Private and Group Coaching, an Online Course + Workshop Library, and lots of confetti. All of which you can engage in on your own terms, to make the program work for you. 🎉

I know — making a decision to join a program to help you make decisions is so meta.

But I'm here to help!

This call is to clarify what you want and decide if working together is the best next step.  

Come as you are — don't worry about being prepared or perfect — I will guide us through an honest, open, human conversation and we'll come to a decision you can totally trust.

If it's not a fit, we'll brainstorm ideas so you still leave with a plan to take self-honoring action. Win-win. 👍

See you soon!