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You're considering a decision to join a program to help you make decisions. (I know, so meta.)

My job is to help simplify the whole process of deciding, starting right now.

So you get to feel more intentional & clear about your choices, whether we work together or not.

On this call, we'll give you space to be honest about what's been going on & unfiltered about what you want.

We'll make sure you fully understand what to expect from this program — And we'll get a feel for each other!

If it feels like the best next step, I'll help you process the decision to join in a way you can trust

(Read: No impulse buys or choices that'll create MORE stress...but also no putting it off for a year because you don't know how to land on a final decision...and no denying yourself for reasons you actually disagree with like "It's selfish"...!)

If it's not a fit — we'll brainstorm ideas so you still leave with a plan to take self-honoring action. Win-win. 👍

See you soon!