Hi there!

I'm Kirsten. (Pronounced "Kier" if you're wondering. 😉) I love a bold Cab, I'm obsessed with my Terrier mix Clive, and I live in my hometown of Los Angeles with my best friend (slash husband), Kenny.

I've also historically been a hard-working high achiever (like you) with a wonky relationship with decision-making.

At some point, I KNEW I needed to make cleaner, more efficient decisions with less drama. I wanted to know:

  • How do people know they're choosing right?
  • How do you deal with multiple options?
  • What about other people's opinions?
  • What if you regret it?
  • How do you muster the energy, confidence & focus to follow through on decisions (and what the heck do you do when they "go wrong")?

But when I went looking for resources, I couldn't find any. 

Decision-making for CEOs? Check. Decision-making for Finances? Yup.

Decision-making for regular-ass people who know they're smart but also have lifelong habits of holding themselves to excessively high standards — who want to stop be so stressed & distracted that they can't authentically be themselves or fully experience the present moment of their one & only lives...?


So I created the resource I couldn't find.

I specialize in helping people organize their thoughts, hear themselves clearly and take action on what they really want.


You deserve to feel great about your choices.

(...and for them to not take up 90% of your brain.)

🙋‍♀️ Tell me more please!

I stopped living in angsty overthinking, and you can too. 

Because I did it by learning exactly what I work with clients on now:

  1. How to clarify exactly what you want
  2. How to constructively deal with stress, fear & unknowns
  3. And how to know you're making the right choice without "proof"

I still feel all the human doubt & fear - but I don't LIVE in it, to the point that it controls my choices. I have the tools and have built the habits to get back to Center & Self-Trust when my anxious brain wants to run amuck. 

My mission is to help fellow hard-working, high-achieving smarty-pants STOP using their brains against themselves and TRUST their decisions.

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