Hi there! I'm Kirsten.

I help people love their choices.

I turned anxiety, catastrophizing & indecision into a life full of dogs, wine & work I love.


I believe everyone can feel in charge of their choices — and use them to create a fully aligned life.

But I didn't always. Like you, I was conditioned from an early age to believe stuff that leads to stressful, inauthentic choices. Stuff like:

  • Good decisions have to be hard & take a lot of time
  • Other people need to like & understand your choices
  • You can't trust a decision if you feel <100% amazing & certain about it
  • You can either feel fulfilled & peaceful -OR- work your ass off for success (not both)
  • It's normal to feel behind, overloaded & kind of unsatisfied with your life 

Well, probably like you again, it came time for a giant NO THANKEE on that nonsense.

I decided I wanted to believe new stuff.

That decisions can feel EASY. That following what you want can be self-honoring, not selfish. That anxiety about unknowns and "deciding wrong" doesn't have to be constantly running in the background (or foreground, let's be honest).

I wanted to believe it's totally possible to turn down the noise in your head and hear yourself clearly. 

And that loving your life and being fully on your own team are not luxuries reserved for "other people."

This is what our coaching is all about.

You can feel great about your choices.

(...without them taking up 90% of your brain.)

🙋‍♀️ Tell me how we can work together!

Here's what informs our work.

A Stage Manager at heart, I still use those skills to create structure & clarity. (Clients always note what a relief it is to have help organizing their thoughts, and how helpful the detailed session notes are.) 

I've trained with the HeartMath Institute and Crucial Learning (a la Crucial Conversations®), studied Self-Compassion with Dr. Kristin Neff and have eight certifications from PositivePsychology.com. I've built a multi-faceted skillset that lets me guide you based on your specific needs & situation.

In your coaching program, you'll get science-backed tools to regulate emotions, stress & anxiety, increase physical, emotional & mental resilience, communicate honestly & effectively, cultivate a positive self-image, strengthen boundaries (and tons more).


Here's where I'm coming from.

I got my Master's Degree from Yale and spent over ten years in theatre Stage Management. (If you don't know — the Stage Manager is the one in charge of scheduling, organizing, problem-solving, inter-departmental communication and personality management, among other things).

So it's no surprise I love efficiency, productivity, things making sense and stuff working as planned. In my work, that's how I made decisions. Quickly, with authority & clear direction. 

I wanted decisions in life to feel the same way! I wanted overthinking, people-pleasing & perfectionism to stop dictating how much time & energy I spent on decisions and what I ultimately choose. 

I wanted to feel clear on my goals & desires. To take decisive action on them.

If that's what you want, you're in the right place.


Let's talk about it!

Client Success Stories!

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