#52: The 6 Keys to BELIEVE in Yourself

May 18, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#52: The 6 Keys to BELIEVE in Yourself

What does is actually take to "believe in yourself"?

Besides the obvious...Do objectively amazing stuff, watch other people call it "amazing" out loud...

Truth is, "objectivity" has little to do with self-belief. (We could talk ourselves out of ANY achievement if we tried hard enough!)

And external validation - while delicious - only goes so far!

At some point, we have to do the hard work of SELF-BELIEF.

And normally, that point is long before we have piles of shiny evidence to support said belief.

So, on the cusp of entering the final year of my 30s (🎈!), I reflected on my own self-belief, and the journey I've seen so many clients travel over the years: from Struggle Bus to Belief Machine. 🦸‍♀️

In this episode, I break down the 6 Keys to Believing in Yourself (and why they take some work!).

They're not what you're likely to think of, but they work!

  1. Self-Concept
  2. Alignment
  3. Worthiness
  4. Decisions in Advance (this is a fun one)
  5. and CELEBRATING 🥳

If you've ever struggled with up-and-down confidence, and you're sick of waiting to finish the next WIN before you believe you can actually do it (!) this one's for you! 

I hope you take a sec to soak in just how much you CAN believe in yourself...and how good the rest of your life will feel as that Self-Belief takes ever deeper roots!

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