Regret-Proof Your Next Career Decision

Whether you're looking for more fulfillment, better income or less stress...

You want to make a change BUT

You don't want to regret it.

With such big unknowns & high stakes, how do you make a confident decision about what's next?

Come get the 3-Step Strategy to navigate *big decisions* without setting yourself up to REGRET them!

Thur June 8 (10am PT / 1pm ET) - Recording included!

How to Trust your Choices

Hi, I'm Kirsten — a Decision Coach who helps people trust their big career decisions every day.

Here's what I see over & over: The fear of regret keeps people STUCK.

It can show up large & in charge (read: overwhelm, anxiety, ick)...or it can sneak into your decision-making more subtly. 

Either way, the results are the same.

You DON'T make changes in your career. You stay in the "Devil you know" situation. You get more & more frustrated with your own inaction — but you're still afraid of regretting any changes, so on the cycle goes!


You can become a person who feels a wave of Fear about Regret and knows exactly what to do next.

So you can keep making one decision at a time, in clear-headed confidence, and love the direction you're taking your life!

YUP, that's how I wanna feel 🙋‍♀️

They made BIG career can you 🙌

Work through Fear &

Start your Business

"I was not living my true self. I was afraid to acknowledge who I really am. I'm an entrepreneur. And I couldn't even say that before — let alone live it."


Ariell now proudly calls herself "CEO and Founder." YASSS. Carla's Fresh Market, online purveyor of elevated pantry staples & curated gift boxes, has been thriving for years & opens its retail space this Fall!! 🤩

"Now I’m living my life for myself. I’m doing the things I want to be doing and they’re brand new, so it’s scary! But it’s easier because I have less fear & anxiety in my day-to-day."

Escape Option Paralysis &

Choose your Goals

"I didn't know what to do or what to say Yes or No to. There were so many different shiny objects and ideas that I'm interested in...I knew that was clogging the system. That I was making it harder on myself. 


Once he chose goals, prioritized & committed, he was on fire - WOOT! He created an LLC, chose a logo, made an entire website...things that would've taken MONTHS otherwise! 🤯

"Now I can focus on what matters rather than wasting energy on the in-between angst feeling.

There was so much noise before — There's a lot less now!"

Develop Decision Confidence &

Quit Your Job

"I'd been struggling with this decision whether or not to leave my corporate job — I'd been there 22 years. And I'd tried to make a decision in a million different ways, and just couldn't be confident I knew I was making the right decision."


KJP found that what was stopping her was looking for confidence about her career decisions in the wrong places. Once she shifted focus, she decided to quit & never looked back! 🎉 

"I make the best decisions because I'm not worried what other people think. I'm not worried about 'What does this mean about me?' That has been so freeing!"

Why stay afraid of regret?

When you demystify it, you free yourself to move forward.

Sign me up 🙌


That's a caps-locked YES if you:

  • Want to stop hemming, hawing, delaying and/or agonizing about a career decision
  • Have been having the same "What if..." thoughts for months/years & are ready to act
  • Want a rock solid way to trust whatever choice you make
  • Know you're stressing way more than is helpful (let alone pleasant) and want to address it
  • Maybe want a job change
  • Maybe want a career pivot
  • Maybe want to stay put...but only if you make real changes so it's more sustainable & fulfilling!

The truth is, regardless of the content of a decision, REGRET still looms scarily nearby.

But Career Decisions get especially fraught when it comes to "fear of regret."

In this workshop, you'll get a way to practically, consciously, effectively deal with this fear — so you can make your next decision with clarity & confidence!

We're going to break down:

  • The main ingredients you need to TRUST your career choices
  • The #1 mistake people make when they're afraid of regret
  • The best next question to ask when you think "What if I regret it?!"
I need to make a move - I'm in.


Let's do this!