#49: I Need to Decide & Don't Wanna Regret It…Now What?

Apr 27, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#49: I Need to Decide & Don't Wanna Regret It…Now What?

Aight. You need to make a decision. You've acknowledged that you don't wanna regret it. 

Now what? 

Awareness is key here: Understanding what EXACTLY you're afraid of is what's going to let you take confident next steps forward. 

I know - it's completely unpleasant to think about what you might feel & what might "go wrong" - but in this episode I show you how to think through all that in a deliberate, self-validating way.

We break down the three things people REALLY fear when they say "I'm afraid I'll regret it" - and how to address each fear constructively:

  1. What'll happen in the world
  2. What you'll do next
  3. What you'll believe about yourself / your future / other people / etc etc...

When you learn to take a big, broad, scary fear like REGRET and distill it down into 

If you're struggling through a decision and this fear of regret is a problem that ain't going away on its own - this episode is for you.


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