#16: The 4 FEAR Questions to Guarantee a Powerful, Authentic Choice

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Kirsten Parker
#16: The 4 FEAR Questions to Guarantee a Powerful, Authentic Choice

FEAR gets in the way of...what...99% of our decisions? 

But really, it's uninvestigated fear that's the problem.

If we're being honest, fear itself is a super useful, necessary part of life that we don't WANNA get rid of!

But we DO wanna stop making decisions out of habitual, default, auto-pilot reaction to fear.

(That's, of course, how we end up NOT going for that big scary thing we want...NOT doing the thing we know will grow us...NOT getting out of the situation we know is no longer aligned -- No thankee.)

Ready to become FLUENT in your fears, so you can trust every choice you make?


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In this episode, we talk about:

  • The biggest misunderstanding we have about needing to "conquer" fear
  • Why it's so dang important to name what you're afraid of specifically
  • What I suggest you STOP doing immediately in response to your fear (hint: judging, invalidating & "logic-ing" against it)
  • The 4 Fear Questions that will change the way you interact with fear for LIFE - so you can make your way to a confident, clear decision that serves you every time nerves, worries & concerns come up!



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