#44: The Surprising Truth about Decision Fatigue

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Kirsten Parker
#44: The Surprising Truth about Decision Fatigue

What even IS Decision Fatigue?

We care because understanding it = how we solve it better & faster. 😉

I used to hear about the concept of Decision Fatigue and think sure, that makes sense in theory...but then I'd generally assume one of two things:

a) It didn't apply to me. - After all, I'm not over here makin' life-or-death decisions all day long. I'm overthinking "dinner" so...how fatigued could I really be?

b) There's nothing to be done about it. - Apart from wear the same outfit every day like all the famous successful people who "cut down their decision load" in this extreme-sounding way...what can you really do about the fact that your brain gets tired?

As a Decision Coach now, however, I'm committed to making sure we all understand what the heck is REALLY happening with the phenomenon of Decision Fatigue — and how to SOLVE it! 

This week, we're diving into the science of Decision Fatigue:

  • How does "mental energy" work?
  • What depletes mental energy?
  • Is our decision-making truly affected by how mentally tired we are? (spoiler YES, and I share a fascinating study that illustrates to what extent!)

When you're more knowledgeable about what's happening to you, you're more primed to solve it. 

AND I want you to be less hard on yourself in the process.

I've worked with a lot of people who want to diminish their challenges because "I shouldn't get so overwhelmed by decisions about dinner" — but this episode proves that it makes sense, and it's a valid problem to need to solve!


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