Decision Fatigue

& What to DO About It


Wanna reach the end of your day feeling more human & less EXHAUSTED?

Find out what's draining your mental energy and exactly what to DO about it!

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Did you know this doesn't have to be your reality?

❌ You're mentally drained by the end of each day 

Like your brain actually hurts...

❌ You reach the point where "one more decision" can set you off or melt you down 

I've never snapped or cried at someone asking me "one more question"

❌ You spend too much time & energy on choices that don't reeeeally matter

Picking a sandwich didn't SOUND like a 45-minute conundrum but...

❌ Certain decisions are so overwhelming, you just keep putting 'em off

You want the remodel done next year, but it's too big a choice to face 'til next year. (Wait, crap...)

❌ You make impulsive "easy" decisions when your brain is fried 

I'm not saying that's where that pint of ice cream went but, that's where it went. 

Oh I want solutions for this ☝️

"I feel so confident in the decisions I make now - They don't take up 90% of my brain anymore!" —KJP

I'm Kirsten, the Decision Coach 

I run the Decision Masters Program & Decision Masters Podcast — where I help smart, ambitious people like YOU get outta their heads and make powerful, self-honoring choices.

You have limited time & energy — my mission is to help you use it for what really matters (and enjoy the process!) πŸ™Œ

So if you want solutions for wasting 4 hours picking out a gift you don't intensely care about...or impulse booking a trip at the end of a long day're in the right place!

I can hear myself clearly and loudly. It’s easy to make decisions because the next, best thing is just more obvious." —Ariell

Decision Fatigue SUCKS!

πŸ”₯ You burn energy on tiny choices

βŒ› Everything takes longer than it needs to

😣 You're short 'n snappy with your loved ones

🀯 You don't have bandwidth left for the important stuff!

But there are REAL SOLUTIONS, including Decision Batching, Executive Decisions, One-Time Decisions...eating FOOD is even a scientific cure. 

☝️ The first key is understanding WHAT is draining your mental energy.

Some people are unintentionally wasting brain fuel on "what to wear"...some are involving too many people in their choices...others literally aren't eating enough. 

When you understand what's causing YOUR Decision Fatigue, you're equipped to solve it!

✌️ Second, we'll determine WHICH solutions will make the biggest impact for you.

Your best solutions will depend on what's going on for you and what feels doable.

(Pick ONE solution from the Workshop to try for a week — Watch the difference it makes!)

I'm ready to feel better every day πŸ™Œ

Here's what to expect!

Half Mini-Masterclass:

  • The physiological experience of Decision Fatigue (what's happening & why!)
  • A Shortcut Menu of decision tactics to make daily decisions EASIER

Half Coaching:

  • "I wanna try setting boundaries in advance to make decisions easier...doing that with Dating Apps feels hard!"
  • "I get so exhausted by little decisions that the big ones keep getting pushed to the back burner."
  • "What do I do if I'm afraid other people will tell me my decisions are wrong?"
  • We coach live on these questions and more, to get at real-life, applicable solutions!

(If you've gotten all the way to the end here, you know this'll help you...You just may be tired. Understood! πŸ˜‰)

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