#35: Client Convo! What REALLY happens when an "Indecisive Person" Works with a Decision Coach (w/Andy Greene!)

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Alright friends, it's time for some truth telling...!

My brilliant (and brutally honest) client Andy joins us this week to get REAL about Coaching.

He was referred to me after telling a friend & former client of mine that he was struggling to choose goals & frustrated with feeling stuck.

Her words? "There's a person for that!" 😅

In this wisdom-bomb-filled interview, he outlines his journey from *Undecided with 33 Ideas* to *Decided & In Committed Action on Specific Goals*...plus he talks about everything else that changes in your life when you start making that shift. 

 In this conversation, you get to hear: 

  • What it's like to feel like There are a ton of different voices in your head, wanting you to make all kinds of different decisions...and that's actually OK!
  • The trap of "Student Mode" that can prevent you from taking up SPACE in your own life and getting the most out of any experience
  • Why it's worth looking at your "reflex decisions" and changing them if they don't actually move your life forward how you want them to...because "the small things stack up and make you feel more yourself - or at least more in alignment with who you want to be." 🤯

He's also super transparent about the vulnerability & challenge that can be involved in hiring a coach! He shares...

  • How he was relieved not to feel "sold at" in the Initial Consult, and how that free hour was beneficial on its own (phewf!)
  • The decision to INVEST (it wasn't 100% easy...and why that's ok!)
  • What it's REALLY like to have a Life Coach (he calls me a Co-worker slash Boss slash Friend slash Employee and his Organizing Tool...accurate! 😅)

Andy's favorite tools from coaching?

  • YES, AND... - Which has to do with allowing multiple thoughts & feelings to coexist, instead of making yourself wrong or staying stuck in "confusion"
  • "If it were easy, it'd be easy." - Which is a life mantra that's as validating as it is motivating!


Plus: The 3 Interviewee Questions!

1. What would you say to someone curious about the Decision Masters Program?

If you're curious, it means you have this instinct that you need help - or that there is help out there...trust that instinct! That's what this is all about. 

Also, about the Free Initial Consult, he says it's easy to overthink & overcomplicate this first step but: It's an hour that will help you even if you decide No, so it's a No-Brainer...How's that for making a decision easier! 😉

2. What kind of decision maker would you call yourself today? 

I think what I find doing this is that it's a myth that I'm a "bad decision maker." 

There was so much noise before - and that's what being "decisive" is, right? There's a lot less noise now so...I'm gonna say "a more able and decisive decision maker than I was before." That's certainly true.

3. What's the most self-honoring decision you've made in the last week, that you want to share with us?

Listen in for Andy's answer, which he wants to minimize at first, but then declares the important BIGNESS of it after all!


Andy Greene is a writer-artist, host of The Naked Man Podcast, and CEO of Be Greene Productions.

I originally sought teaching because I wanted help with making decisions -- I had a history (or story) that I struggle with them, that I'm indecisive, and at the time, I was feeling overwhelmed and flooded by possibilities and ideas and threads to follow.

While I still find myself in states of overwhelm or indecision, I no longer think I'm bad at decisions or even struggle with them. Seeking out coaching has inspired something of a domino effect in my life -- asking for help, believing I'm worthy of it and that the money spent is worth it, has led to more and more decisions to help myself, my health and business.

I've also gotten kinder with myself as a boss and with schedules that I build for myself. I am learning that working less doesn't equal less results.

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