#23: The 5 Habits that Make Me Good at Decisions

Oct 20, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#23: The 5 Habits that Make Me Good at Decisions

If you want to make decisions without drama — and be confident enough in them that you don't self-sabotage or second-guess...this is the episode for you.

Let's break down what EXACTLY makes me (and my clients!) good at decisions.

Notice what YOU'RE aready good at, and what would make a difference in your own decision making!

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In this episode:

  • Find out what each of these 5 habits means, and how to use them to influence your OWN decision making:
    • I value my time.
    • I plan to fail.
    • I decided in advance what matters to me.
    • I am unavailable for self-shaming.
    • I have support.


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