#22: Expert Interview! The Best Way to Pitch Your Project or YOURSELF with Laura Brennan

career change clarity decision confidence make things easy taking action Oct 13, 2022

Head's up: You need a Logline!

Why? 'Cause whether you're selling a service, product or project...looking for your next career move...or even inviting someone to attend your event or read your blog post  guess what: you're PITCHING! 

Which just happens to be the Zone of Genius of this week's interviewee: Laura Brennan, the Pitch & Development Consultant 🙌

In this interview, Laura tells you what a LOGLINE is (and how powerful it can be!):

  • It's your "True North"...How you keep moving in the direction you want
  • Your Decision Lens...What helps you say aligned Yes'es and No's
  • And it's how you communicate who you are & what you're offering clearly to everyone else!

Bottom line: If you want to make your own decisions easier, and help the right people get jazzed about what you're up to, you need a Logline.

Laura tells you exactly how to create one and how to use it to make clear decisions — in your business, networking, and even pursuit of answers!

She also wants to change the world's mind about the icky awkwardness of networking.

"Networking and sharing what you're up to...That's how we have great lives!" (She gives you a brand new way of thinking about this so it's something you actually look forward to - YES)

Ready to stop living in Overthinking agony?

👉Let's make every decision EASIER!👈

Plus, the 3 Interviewee Questions!

1. How has coaching helped you? You follow me along with other coaches, you've done my paid and free workshops, you have your own coach...How do you get value from it?

One of the things I found early on with you is that, you have a way of looking at coaching and thought work that was a little different from the way my brain worked — and I loved that. It gave me a new lens, a new way of looking at things.

One of the things you said that blew my mind was: You can make a decision, and then practice making those decisions in a low-stakes environment. You can practice being the person you want to be in "low stakes"...so that when the stakes are high, it's there — You don't have to reach for it.

And I was like, "Hold the phone, what! You can just practice this!?" That gave me so much clarity. Because it allowed me to not have to think about high stakes. It allowed me to just look for the possibility of showing up the way I wanted to show up, in low stakes environments. 

2. What kind of decision maker do you consider yourself to be?

Oh, I'm a pretty good decision maker...I tend to make decisions out of who I want to be in the world. 

[Laura also shares a personal story here, about a big life choice her family made when her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and how this reflects her opinion of her own deicision making!]

3. What's the most self-honoring decision from this week you want to share with us?

Listen in for Laura's vulnerable & inspiring answer involving — what else — her Clown Class!


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