#21: Expert Interview! How We "Type A" Women can Thrive in Our Marriages w/Coach Maggie Reyes

core values decision confidence enjoying the present make things easy permission Oct 06, 2022

YOU GUYS, Life Coach & Marriage Mentor Maggie Reyes is in the Podcast House today, whaaaat!?

Refill your coffee & get ready to talk about:

  • How Core Values for your marriage are a real thing
  • What "open-heartedness" is (hint: you wanna know!)
  • How to use Values to simplify decisions you make separately AND together
  • The life-changing mindset of SOLUTION-focus (read: opposite of problems-only-pov)
  • Two different ways coaching can help you answer BIG STRESSFUL QUESTIONS 

Did we basically fit 5 entire episodes' worth a' JUICE into a single interview? YES.


Besides those bullet points, we get into why Type A smarty pants people like us have difficulty with things being EASY. (Ever start a fight out of nowhere for no reason...? Listen up.)

We dig into a Core Value of mine that I talk about all the time - Happy Open-Hearted Marriage - and she explains exactly what "open-heartedness" is:

  • Why marriage research says we should care about it
  • How you can use awareness of how "open" you are (or not) as a tool for decision making (woot!)

And you know we couldn't not talk about our collective bad habit of All or Nothing Thinking:

  • We're either on the same team or we're disagreeing
  • We're either connected or I'm upset about something
  • But wait...turns out BOTH things can be true at the same time!

And she shares the quote that SHOOK ME when she offered it to me in one of our group coaching sessions earlier this year.


Ready to stop living in Overthinking agony?

👉Let's make every decision EASIER!👈


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