Be Happy, Be You

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Imagine this:

You’re clear on your goals and you’re in action towards them

You love who you are (and are nice to yourself!)

You have a doable plan full of things you look forward to with people you like

(& you know you can handle whatever else is gonna come up)

Boo. You can do this.

“Kirsten was a joy to work with. If you're ready to explore the ways that being grounded can help achieve your goals…If you need some help packing your backpack for your life-journey with the proper tools in an organized, but also organic, way, then give Kirsten a call.” — Courtney D.

Mindset & Action Coaching:

Research shows that at least 40% of how happy you are is directly controlled by your mindset and actions.

(The rest being determined by genes and life circumstances)…That leaves A LOTTA CONTROL in your hands, boo.

This coaching combines the best of these two worlds, which are totally within your power to embrace, change & command:

  • Internal Focus (“Mindset”: thoughts, feelings, perspective, how you process the world)

  • External Focus (“Action”: habits, systems, energy management, strategic planning, woot!)

How Coaching Works:

Multi-month one-on-one coaching programs are set for a specific length of time, depending on your unique goals and situation.

STEP 1: We establish your vision:

  • I help you articulate what you want to do, feel & accomplish

  • We make sure your goals line up with your true values + priorities so you’re not chasing a bunch of “Shoulds” that won’t really make you happy

  • We turn these nice big picture ideas into concrete objectives, with strategies, timelines and milestone markers

STEP 2: We get into all the things:

  • How are you working against yourself, holding yourself back, or operating out of fear

  • What habits and beliefs are making you feel crappy

  • What science-based info & practices can you start utilizing to change your life

STEP 3: You move forward with intention:

  • With clarity & confidence growing, you implement changes and get continued support & guidance to do, feel & achieve what you want to!

We find out what works best for you so you’re equipped to pursue your goals — and be in your life — in a more grounded, focused, happier way.

“She was the absolute best support system in moving my career forward and most importantly in prioritizing my overall self.” — Elizabeth P.

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What You Get in the 1-on-1 Program:

  • Guidance: Positive Psychology tools; Science-backed practices; Targeted exercises; Strategy setup & course-correction; Recommended resources to instigate & maintain the change you want

  • Accountability: Develop accountability to yourself as I act as an advocate for keeping your commitments; Re-work your Personal Failure Policy into a healthy one (and still get sh*t done)

  • Support: You’re not messin’ around here. You want progress, results, peace & JOY. You add a coach to your squad because you know you don’t have to wait and figure everything out on your own!

  • Blind Spot Alert: AKA I beep when you might be veering off course. Creating intentional change can spark mega-resistance, and it’s easy to fall into old patterns, outdated thinking, and self-sabotagey get-in-your-own-way behavior. An outside eye helps alert you when it’s a good idea to check your blind spot.

  • Inspiration to Think BIG: You’re not in the business of holding back anymore! I’ll hold your bigger vision up so that you don’t get too lost in the details or miss opportunities to shoot for whatever stars you want to — This is your one and only life, and you’re ready to love it!

“I really truly do feel like my base happiness level has been risen. Kirsten helped me in how to handle the inner critic and other road bumps that come up throughout life.” — Devon B.

Why We’re a Fit:

You’re ready to feel your best and stop waiting to love your life. You’re ready to not be so worried about what other people think and focus in on what truly matters to you. You’re ready, even if you’re a little-to-very-much scared to ask yourself some tough questions and answer back honestly.

You’re over your old, bad habits and crappy excuses for why you can’t (or don’t deserve to) feel, do and have everything you want.

You’re into practical strategies, science-based tools to change habits and mindset, personal accountability, supportive guidance and fist-bumping YAAS gifs in celebration of wins.

Questions You Might Have:

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Where does coaching happen?

Sessions most often take place via online video call. Easy peasy! For L.A.-based clients, we can arrange to meet face-to-face at times too.

How much time will it take?

Depends on your specific program and needs. We’ll set a specific length of time to work together, and we’ll meet at the frequency that makes the most sense for you. Recommended reading, practices & exercises to do on your own vary. Ultimately, you’ll put in the time you want to because you’ll get mega-skilled at prioritizing, boundaries and energy management.

How much will it cost?

I create a custom program for each client, so pricing is shared once I know more!

How do I know if this stuff is right for me?

Let’s chat! Message me with any questions and anything you want to share. I’ll give you all the info I can and we’ll see if it’s a fit to move forward.

“Her approach to self-discovery and reaching one's fullest potential is revelatory, heartfelt and fun.” — Audrey S.