#71: Motivation Doesn't Work How You Think

Sep 28, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#71: Motivation Doesn't Work How You Think

How do we get ourselves to DO the things we wanna do?

Turns out, it's more complicated than just "what works" when it comes to motivation tactics.

Because a lot of things that "work" to get you to do the damn thing also make you feel like crap!

I'm going to help you motivate without burning out or dowsing  yourself in judgment, in the process.

Today's episode asks you to look at motivation not as gasoline in a tank (is there enough to get where we want?) and instead, as an emotion.

It's easy to forget that motivated is a feeling, just like grateful and irritated.

And too often, we expect this emotion to show up on cue when it's time to do the things we've planned.

But what happens when you don't feel motivated? 

Do you abandon your plans? Leave the thing unfinished? Blame yourself for not being motivated enough?

What if you didn't HAVE to feel motivated — and you could still follow through on your plans?

In this episode I'll walk you through how to change your mind about "feeling motivated" and make it easier to do the stuff you wanna do!



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