#60: Mid-Year Reflect & Reset (Downloadable Exercise!)

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Kirsten Parker
#60: Mid-Year Reflect & Reset (Downloadable Exercise!)


Any time of year is appropriate for a "reset." 

And it's necessary, if you don't want to just keep pushing yourself forward, with no regard for what you've already experienced, achieved & learned!

Real-time, we're smack dab in the middle of 2023 — and a lot of us are taking July as a cue to look back before we look forward.

There's a LOT of potential ahead. You can change and create so much in 6 months! 

But before you dive into your game plan, let's assess what's gotten you to where you are today.

This guided exercise is designed to help you reflect & reset in a structured, intentional, doable way!



You'll answer:

  • What are your WINS for the year so far? Don't skimp, don't downplay...let loose here!
  • What have the LOWS & LESSONS been? Acknowleding this is a hugely self-honoring act (and one you don't want to skip if you're going to set kind self-expectations going forward).
  • Where are you now? 
  • Where do you want to be by year's end? (Use Life Categories if they're helpful to answer these questions: Home, Family / Relationships, Career, Health, Wealth, Fun / Growth / Self)
  • What from this year will not work, to create what you want? (Keep this answer within your Sphere of Control: your feelings, thoughts & actions — not people/circumstances you have no authority over!)
  • Who will you have to BE to create what you want? 

That last question is the most pivotal. This is how you create the VISION that will fuel your journey ahead.

Have fun envisioning the year you want — and seeing how it's so possible for you!

If you use all the information of where you're coming from and what won't work well to get where you wanna go, you'll make it easy to get there.


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