#58: How to Cut Your Frustration in Half (The Resistance Scale)

Jun 29, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#58: How to Cut Your Frustration in Half (The Resistance Scale)

How much of your daily frustration comes from dealing with stuff not being the way you want? 😤

95...maybe 96% minimum? 

This is real!

At some point, it stops mattering if it's a broken dishwasher or a severed finger (not to be gross) — but frustration can become the go-to reaction to almost ANYTHING not going "our way."

And while this often seems justified (or at least unavoidable), I want you to step back and think about how much time and energy this routine costs you:

  • Encountering X thing or person that isn't how you want 'em to be
  • Getting 10/10 frustrated
  • Feeling flooded with cortisol, adrenaline, anger, judgment, despair
  • (Sometimes then feeling flooded with shame and guilt because you don't like acting that way)
  • Coming down off the Frustration High 
  • Getting back to dealing with whatever was in front of you in the first place

Not the most efficient process. And DEFINITELY not the most enjoyable.

In this week's episode, I invite you to tune into your Resistance Scale.

You'll learn how to pay attention to how resistant you are automatically to whatever's happening in reality...and how to decide how resistant you WANT to be. 

The truth is, frustration isn't always a useless "bad" thing. Sometimes it has helpful information to deliver. 

This episode will help you learn how to spot that data when it's there — and how to be less reactive (get less frustrated!) when it truly won't do anything but waste your precious resources.


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