#57: "I'm so behind"

Jun 22, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#57: "I'm so behind"

This week, we're NOT talking about how to catch up on the mountains of stuff you're behind on.

No time management — No delegating — No uber-efficient productivity plans.

In reality, those are all Tylenol. 💊

Sometimes they help make the pain go away. 

But they never address the root cause of the problem. Which means it has full permission to keep showing up, for the rest of time. 

And we really don't want that because...thinking "I'M BEHIND" every second of the day feels terrible. 

So in this episode, I challenge the entire notion of "behind." 🤯

I ask some questions that may bend your brain a bit, like: 

  • Is it a fact that you're behind? 
  • Is it really a fact?
  • How interested are you in proving that it's true? 
  • Do you want to keep telling this story, even if it does feel true?
  • Has it ever helped you to believe "I'm behind"?
  • Has it really? How?

And then I ask some questions that just might set you free, like: 

  • What if it’s ok that you are where you are?
  • What if everything that’s going to get done, will get done?
  • What if what you’re capable of doing isn’t wrong - what if what’s wrong is someone else’s expectations of you?
  • What would happen if you woke up unable to think “I’m behind” tomorrow?
  • What would happen if you went through the next entire month not believing you’re behind?
  • What are you interested in believing instead?

In my experience, no one's life (or career) has EVER caught on fire when they let go of the idea of "I'm behind."

We hard-working overachievers who love keeping our standards high can be very afraid of doing crappy work, letting thing fall through the cracks, and looking like a lazy failure. And sometimes we think "I need to know if I'm behind if I'm going to ever catch up!"

I disagree.

When you free yourself from this mindset, you give yourself permission to be honest about your capacity, ask for help when you need it, and not bend yourself into a pretzel or burn yourself out just because of someone else's ideas about when things SHOULD happen.

I propose we stop believing "I'm behind."

Stop saying it to yourself every day. Stop throwing evidence that it's true at yourself like a toddler hitting himself in the face with a toy for no good reason. 😅

You just might take back control of your workload, your pace and your sense of inner peace when you do!

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