#50: 3 Things to Quit so You Can Honor Your TIME Better

May 04, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#50: 3 Things to Quit so You Can Honor Your TIME Better

There aren't many things powerful enough to make/break your entire story of "How's life?"

TIME is one of them.

Everything in your work, relationships, health, baking experiments, ALL of it...could look like it's comin' up roses from the outside.

But if you don't feel like you're using your TIME well, it kinda all feels like crap. (Right?)

I wanna help you stop feeling like you're fighting TIME  — and start feeling like you're not just in charge of it...but you're HONORING it too.

Real-talk: Time is your most precious resource.

The reason it's such a powerful determinant of how good you feel about your life is because you know, deep down, that without it — you've got nothin' & you can't do nothin'.

And if you're dishonoring your TIME (read: wasting it...burning it up...mentally missing out on it...), it's scary. 

Because you know you can't get it back — and you know those habits are hard to change.


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So in today's episode, we're making it EASY.

Here are 3 things to QUIT in order to honor your time better:

  1. Putting things you plan to ignore on your calendar
  2. Saying YES automatically to stuff
  3. Checking your phone first thing in the morning (...I know! But I give you some tips on what to do instead)

 Chip away at just these three things this week & I promise: Your relationship with time WILL shift.

  • You'll start taking your word more seriously.
  • You'll give yourself itme to think (and permission to say no — Get the Crash Course above if you need help!)
  • And you'll start feeling a teensy bit more SPACIOUSNESS in your life (you'll be amazed at what happens when you believe you're allowed to use some of your time for YOU 🤯)

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