#43: 3 Steps to Prep for a Challenging Conversation or Situation

Mar 16, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#43: 3 Steps to Prep for a Challenging Conversation or Situation

HOKAY, you've got a potentially challenging conversation or situation coming up. 

How do you prepare for it?

Normal Tuesday? There's a good chance you dread it up until the second it happens, mince your words & fumble through it, have an awkward-at-best experience, and then move on not *completely* in love with what just happened.

I propose this instead: Conscious Conversation Prep (it works for "situations" too).

(Head's up, List Makers, you're gonna love this one!)

But this tool will work for ANYONE to get you more mentally clear & energetically set for what you're walking into. 

Which increases your chances of getting what you want by at least 500. (Educated guess.)

This episode covers a concept I teach in-depth inside the Decision Masters Program, but just hearing the outline here will make this upcoming challenge SO much easier for you. Pinky promise.

Because it addresses the main problems that get in the way of feeling, thinking & acting the way you want to during that conversation / situation:

  1. Not knowing exactly what you're there for
  2. Having an "inactionable agenda" (aka intending to do something that's outside your Sphere of Control)
  3. Giving more thought to how you don't wanna act than how you do

Solving these problems is quite EASY, you just need a clear process to run your mind through so you don't end up getting overwhelmed, confused & distracted (and end up self-sabotaging...or just having a terrible time!)


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 Clients have used this tool to prep for:

  • Giving their notice to a boss
  • Telling a colleague they're changing careers
  • Setting a boundary with a friend
  • Talking to a partner about a financial decision
  • Speaking up in a Home Owner's Association meeting
  • Leading a presentation
  • Attending a baby shower with old college friends
  • Going to a work holiday part
  • ...and ALL kinds of other real-life scenarios that can otherwise make us cringe!

While those you may not be looking forward to this conversation / situation — a) they actually CAN be easy & enjoyable more often than you expect (this takes practice!), and b) this tool will make you feel more prepared, confident & intentional either way. 


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