#42: The One Question to Ask When You’re Overloaded

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Kirsten Parker
#42: The One Question to Ask When You’re Overloaded

Obbbbbbviously most of us are putting more on our daily plates than we can logistically, energetically or just like, humanly handle — can we agree on that? 🙋‍♀️

But Kirsten...I legit have 17,000 things to do AND I'm super capable & hate B- work, so I feel like these are still fair expectations.

I know. 

That's the problem. 😑

For a lot of our lives, pushing ourselves to our breaking points, going above and beyond x10 and reeeeeally testing how far we can stretch 4 hours' sleep has resulted in BIG SUCCESS.

Whether that meant high achievement or mere survival of an extreme challenge — we learned the same thing: We can cope with A LOT on our list. 

Until we can't. 

If you want to break this cycle (because you've found, as my clients & I have, it turns out living in the constant push-pull of adrenaline rush-burnout is NOT super fun), it will require a MENTAL switch. Not just a nifty trick to time-block your calendar. 

If you're overloaded right now, and you're committed to building a NEW norm, where you still get to work hard & pursue goals but not at the expense of your well-being or life enjoyment, this is the ONE question I want you to ask. ☝️

It'll take less than 5 minutes, and doing this every day for a week will start to change the way you think about your "list" for LIFE. 


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