#40: Expert Interview! One Decision Starts the Upward Spiral to Your Ideal Life: with Brazen Coaches Calley Hewes & Valerie King

Feb 23, 2023

What even is an "ideal life"? Turns out, this huge-ish question is super worthwhile to ask, and Brazen Coaches Calley & Valerie are here to help us answer! 😁

This interview is for you if you have any kind of job / life dissatisfaction OR you just love the idea of feeling good about the direction you're taking yourself.

We talk about:

  • Calley's career pivot from Nurse Practitioner to self-employed Wellness Coach
  • Valerie's decision dominos that led her to enterpreneurship
  • The reality that "everyone's goals for you are coming from a different place"
  • The importance of giving yourself quiet time to "let the backburner thoughts come to the forefront"
  • An enthusiastic invitation to "Write your own job description" (YUP no matter how many degrees or years of experience you have in one particular area...) "because this is your life, and if you hate what you do — that's no way to live."

Plus the 3 Interviewee Questions!

  1. What should someone do if they think coaching could help them? 

Book a call! Don't overthink it 😉 and don't force yourself into a blind commitment. Meet with people — see who you vibe with — take advantage of the free consults or sessions most coaches offer.

2. What kind of decision-maker do you consider yourself to be?

Valerie: I'm an independent decision-maker. I don't like to talk to a lot of people — I don't like to get a lot of feedback from people...until I'm kind of in a position where I've made a decision and I might need to consult my husband or make sure he's on board. Other than that, I don't like to have a huge amount of people involved.

Calley: I might need to know all the options for a decision before I make it. And I'm kind of the opposite of Val: I need to talk things out in order to fully process them myself, so I like to bring other people into it. People who I know aren't going to try to sway me in one direction or another. And I'll preface conversations with "I just need you to listen, I don't need you to help me." And a lot of times I come to my own decision in the process of doing that. 

3. What's a recent self-honoring decision you want to share with us?

Holy smokes, they had the SAME answer and it's AMAZING. 🤩


About Calley & Valerie: 

Calley and Valerie are co-founders of Brazen Coaching, a woman-owned business that helps women create a fulfilling life and profitable business for themselves without burning out. Together, they are on the cutting edge of self-care and business coaching for female entrepreneurs. As experts in business, wellness, self-care for women, and mindset change, Calley and Valerie are primed to shift the paradigm of female entrepreneurship and push the boundaries of what women believe they're capable of.

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