#39: This'll Change How You Think about Confidence Forever

certainty decision confidence doubt self-trust Feb 16, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#39: This'll Change How You Think about Confidence Forever

Do you think of yourself as a "confident person"?

Or is that a feeling that ebbs and flows, depending on the day or situation?

What if we could stop thinking about confidence like it was this measurable, liquid thing? Like "it's either there or it's not...there's either a lot or a little..." 🤔

The truth is, the way I used to think about Confidence was completely all-or-nothing. And somehow, despite all this stuff I grew genuinely confident in, my focus tended to fall on where I was LACKING.

And the more air-time I gave all that stuff I wasn't fearless, adept or comfortable with yet...the more I came to see myself as an Impostor-y Unconfident Person Full of Doubt. Which was neither fun nor the entire truth! 

But when you have this push-pull all-nothing relationship with Confidence, it's way too easy to inflate any doubt you do feel - and it snowballs from there.

Today I offer you:

  • An entirely different way to think about Confidence (forever)
  • How this way of thinking will free you from the draining Ups + Downs of yore
  • A 5-minute INSTANT CONFIDENCE BOOST (but I call it something different 😉)

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