#37: Save Energy by Making *Faster* Decisions (Go!)

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Kirsten Parker
#37: Save Energy by Making *Faster* Decisions (Go!)

You KNOW if decisions are too exhausting. 

And we're talking about it this week because of all the AMAZING stuff that happens when you start making decisions with LESS effort in LESS time. 

Here's how my clients in the Decision Masters Program describe that "amazing stuff":

  • “I feel super in charge of my decisions and day-to-day life."
  • “I don't feel overwhelmed. Even though all the things could look objectively overwhelming.”
  • “I'm present. I'm not spinning anymore.”
  • “I have extra TIME at the end of the day. I'm more efficient with work kids etc. I'm emotionally and physically more present.”
  • "Now I can focus on what matters rather than wasting energy on the in-between angst feeling.”

Notice anything?? The real benefits of making faster decisions are LIFE-CHANGING. You get freedom - presence - peace. YUM. 

In this episode, you'll get:

  • 3 questions to use, to make decisions FASTER
  • A way to pay attention to how much time & energy you're DEFAULTING to for everyday decisions
  • A SUPER fun metaphor that totally makes sense and isn't weird at all

Enjoy giving yourself the GIFT of more energy by making faster decisions this week!

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