#33: A Decision-Focused Year-End Reflection (that's also FUN!)

clarity decision confidence enjoying the present free download! regret self-compassion Dec 29, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#33: A Decision-Focused Year-End Reflection (that's also FUN!)

It's the FINAL week of 2022...you ready to reflect??

If that sounds like a semi-inspiring but mostly-daunting idea, this episode's for you. 

I walk you through the End-of-Year Reflection that I personally enjoy doing, and get a ton out of!

And of course, it's the Decision Masters version. 😉 


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It's way to easy to let the holidays and end of year fly by, with good intentions to "look back on it all later..." - and we all know how that turns out.

But there's solid GOLD waiting for you in this super easy, actually enjoyable Year-End Reflection, because when you look back on 2022 through the lens of a Decision Master, you get to CELEBRATE what went well (that you might otherwise forget!) and LEARN from what could go better next time (I promise - zero self-judgment ahead).

Here's to a year of powerful, authentic, self-honoring decisions ahead, friend!



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