#32: How to Tune into the GOOD of this Moment (Even if Your Brain is Saying “It’s Crap”)

Dec 22, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#32: How to Tune into the GOOD of this Moment (Even if Your Brain is Saying “It’s Crap”)

If you have a brain like mine, it can pile things up quickly: What’s going wrong, what isn’t as good as it could/should be, who’s being incorrect, to quote my 2nd favorite Schitt’s Creek sibling.

So you better believe I’ve need the practice I share in this episode for myself! 

And even if you don’t have negativity to combat, these simple but powerful tools can change your WHOLE day.

Keep ‘em in your back pocket so that when you really want to tune into the GOOD of a moment, you can - and boom, you no longer have to miss out on or minimize that moment! 

If you’re interested in experiencing the richness of the present more often and more purposefully (without a ton of work), this episode is for you.

I thought it would be great timing for the hustly-bustly end of the year, but I do this all the time so - enjoy!



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