#31: 4 Tips for Making Friction-Free Joint Decisions (Happy Birthday Kenny!)

Dec 15, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#31: 4 Tips for Making Friction-Free Joint Decisions (Happy Birthday Kenny!)

Raise your hand...(or raise an eyebrow if you're driving!)...if you've ever found it a teensy bit difficult to make a decision WITH someone else. 😬

Making powerful, authentic, self-honoring decisions SOLO can look like a piece of cake when you compare it to working out decisions with a partner, right?

My husband Kenny and I have paid particular attention to this: What are our Decision Styles, and how can they play nicely together? (Yup, this is what you sign up for marrying a Life Coach!) 😅

Turns out everybody wins though, because not only do our joint decisions get easier every time — I also get to share my findings with YOU so you can try out all these strategies for yourself.

And since this is my husband's birthday week 🥳 I thought it all too appropriate to celebrate him, his Decision Style that is basically the exact opposite from mine, and our ongoing teamwork in this department. 

Listen in for:

  • Two ways you can INSTANTLY reduce joint decision friction (that your partner doesn't even need to play along with)
  • Four tips to make the most of how you both operate and get to the end of the decision still speaking to each other
  • Lots of personal examples about how this can look in real life (messy, imperfect and still incredibly effective)



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