#30: Expert Interview! How to COMMIT to Being On Your Own Team w/Life Coach & Astrologer Sarah Paasch

Dec 08, 2022

Ever struggled with feeling like you're on your own team? Being kind to yourself? Especially in the midst of a crappy mindset, a crappy mood, or crappy motivation??

Grab your headphones — this episode was made for you!

Sarah Paasch is a dear friend and Coaching colleague (with whom I've had the pleasure of doing at least two Solar Return Astrology Readings...that's your birthday!...) and she's here to give you ALL the wisdom on how to be on your own team.

For REAL: With full, disciplined commitment. Without perfection.

Listen in for:

  • How she helps clients integrate their intuition and intellect using Astrology and intuitive Life Coaching
  • Why she encourages skepticism and curiosity, always
  • How she deals with painful / obnoxious / frustrating thoughts that come up...especially those ones that circle back around for YEARS (PS - this is where she talks about getting through the "uncomfortable present, where growth lives" - brilliant) 

She also answers: How do you practically opt in for beliefs that serve you (like "What I want is totally possible"...!) and opt out of beliefs that don't?

  1. You have a clear COMMITMENT to yourself & what you want
  2. You bring that commitment into focus in some way every single day
  3. And you challenge the things in your life that don't contribute to that commitment

And: How do you get yourself to do things in service of that commitment when you don't feel like it??

  • She thinks about "moving my needle in the direction that's in alignment with [her] commitment to [herself]."
  • (And lets herself "throw a tantrum internally" if that's what needs to happen.)
  • (AND feels like she stays on her own team the whole time.)

SO GOOD!! Enjoy. 




After experiencing transformative results from her own self-healing journey and a twist of fate, in 2017 Sarah left a career as a hospital pharmacist in Nebraska to begin her own practice as a life coach and astrologer in Southern California. Sarah combines holistic coaching modalities with astrology to support her clients in cultivating a more authentic and fulfilling life. She has a passion for helping clients identify and break free from limiting beliefs and conditioning, so that they can live from their core values and confidently embrace their unique creative potential.

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