#27: 3 Pro Tips to Take Charge of Your Decisions at the Holidays

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Kirsten Parker
#27: 3 Pro Tips to Take Charge of Your Decisions at the Holidays

Happy Holidays!...Or ARE they, though...😱

Obviously I want you to feel in charge of your choices 365 days a year, but this particular season is one where it can feel particularly challenging to make powerful, authentic decisions. So can any season with charged importance, right? Weddings...summer break...take your pick!

So let's make it easy to make choices you love, no matter how *important* this time of year is coming up (no matter when you're listening)!

Listen in for the top 3 problems that lead peole to make decisions they don't feel super in charge of (and often feel bitter about later)...and my 3 PRO TIPS to solve for them.

Plus, you'll get all of Kenny's and my most personal examples of how we keep making decisions based on what WE want (Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas...check!) 🎄

If you're facing any of these challenges right now (or you anticipate you WILL soon enough)...this episode is a must-listen:

  • Obligation, tradition or just an overwhelming plethora of options are making decisions impossible
  • You're angsting 24/7 about how your choice might disappoint or upset people
  • It feels like you're facing nothing but crappy compromises where you can't really get what you want, no matter what

I promise - I've been there, I get it, and you do NOT have to keep feeling this way.

Let's make this year the LAST year you don't feel 100% in charge of (and in love with) your choices!

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