#13: How to get Instant Clarity & Create your Decision Anchor

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Kirsten Parker
#13: How to get Instant Clarity & Create your Decision Anchor

"Who am I, what do I want, where do I wanna go next?"

These are the questions that kept me STUCK for y-ee-ee-eears, and not just when I was unclear about my career path.

When you don't know how to simply & confidently answer these questions, ANY decision can overwhelm you. 'Cause how do you know the "right, best choice" to make (...for your next job OR for your next lunch date...) if you aren't clear on what you really want?

What we explore in this episode is how to answer that question - TODAY. Like, right now. 

Yup, no matter how many unknowns there are in the mix!


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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How being clear on your VISION for "who you want to be" is like deciding the genre of the movie you wanna live in for the next 6 months. Superhero epic? Romance? Intellectual documentary??
  • Why you don't need to ACHIEVE your Goals in order for them to serve their purpose in your life (whaaaat? I know.)
  • How determining your Current Core Values will give you instant clarity (and what they have to do with the sexy Steadicam work my husband does 😅
  • The difference it makes to walk into a room thinking of yourself as a CLEAR vs. "confused" person!



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