Ready to make what you want matter?

OB-viously. Let's book my free consult 🙌

Ready to make what you want matter?

Make easier, faster choices that you love.

OB-viously! Let's book my free consult 🙌

Make confident decisions.

Based on what you want.

With ease.


If you’ve landed on a Decision Coaching website, you’re likely a growth-minded smartypants overachiever with super high standards. (Said with love, no you know I’m right. 😉)

You value efficiency. You love being productive. You succeed often (though you tend to focus on how you could've done better...). 

But you're ready for the next chapter to look different.

You're ready to STOP:

  • Feeling perpetually "behind" and "not enough"
  • Not knowing what to prioritize (or when, or how)
  • Focusing on what other people will think about your choices
  • Wasting so much time & energy on every decision — big and small
Decide what you authentically want & make life choices accordingly
Feel confident you're making the "right" decisions & commit to them fully
Free up headspace so you can be fully present in your work AND off time

You're in the right place!

This is Coaching for people who want to make a guarantee to themselves:

6 months from now, life will look & feel different.

You'll feel intentional & clear in your decisions, move the needle on what matters, and get professional guidance & accountability to make it easy.

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"This has completely rewired how I approach my life! I went from feeling like I had a million open tabs in my brain to some quality of order that works for me.

I know it's grounded in science, but Kirsten makes it feel like magic. 

Slack was my home base. Every time I felt like I had a few too many open tabs, I looked at Slack and Kirsten jumps out of the app with incredible timely and very on point replies. . .it’s like having her in your pocket!"

—Serena F.

"This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself, my career, my relationships--everything.

It's incredible career and mindset coaching without any "self-helpiness" or any advice giving. Kirsten has helped me to make my own decisions and find my own best ways forward, because no one knows me like me.

Specifically, I've dialed in small practices like a Daily Check In that gives me clarity for my goals each day; over time that has added up to me starting my own business and changing my career.

I have learned how to use fear as excitement and motivation, to rein in overwhelm, and to approach challenges from an abundance mindset. I cannot recommend it enough!" 

—Reilly D.

When you can hear yourself clearly, you can 

make firm decisions & take fast action.

Yup, that's what I want 👉 Let's talk!

 How this Coaching works

This is how you move from your current norms & challenges to being
joyfully, peacefully, effeciently, unapologetically self-directed:
☝️ Get clear on what you want

This Coaching is centered around you making powerful, authentic, self-honoring decisions. 

At the start of your program, I'll help you:

  • Clarify the goals you want to dedicate resources to right now (and why)
  • Clean up anything that feels like "competing priorities" 
  • Organize your unknowns and identify next steps towards answering the big questions

You won't hold back here. You'll get in touch with what you truly want: how you want to feel everyday, what you want to do & not do, and who you'll have to become to create that reality.

✌️ Mindfully change habits 

You're here because you don't want to do things "the way you've always done them."

As you take one action at a time towards what you want, we'll proactively change old, ingrained patterns as they come up, such as:

  • Overthinking
  • Over-pressuring yourself
  • ALL the self-judgment
  • People-pleasing
  • Perfectioning
  • Stress Spiraling 
  • Second-guessing each choice
  • Putting yourself off for later...(etc!)
🤟 Balance Presence and Progress

You want to get where you're going & achieve all the things. YAY. But you also want to enjoy more of the journey. 

Coaching will help you have more of the day-to-day experience that you want, instead of "waiting until X undefined later date" to feel confident or content.

You'll develop skills of presence, self-celebration, savoring positive moments.

And you'll get good at using science-based tools like self-compassion, stress regulation & boundaries — to balance being present AND making meaningful progress.

"Decisions don't take up 90% of my brain anymore!"

Self-described "Recovering Overthinker," Kirsten (yes, there are more than one of us! 😅) had "tried to make a decision [about her career] in a million different ways, and just couldn't."

She knew she “needed a way to make decisions more quickly & efficiently & effectively" – and within weeks of joining, she made the clear, confident choice to leave her job of 22 years and start her business. (YES!)

Best of all, she didn’t let fear of people’s opinions dictate what she did. "I've been released from the burden of needing other people to like all my choices."

She was also described why her Type A personality appreciated the "organized, well-structured coaching" - and how she "always heard what she needed to hear" (especially when other people were getting coached)!


"We’re so fortunate to feel confident about our choices, knowing that we’d done so much work to identify our values and goals for this next chapter.”

— A. after some big life choices with a partner

I was feeling overwhelmed by the decisions that seemed huge and so heavy. I didn’t have a good sense of what I really wanted. After talking to you the first time, I learned the word “self-trust” - I didn’t have self-trust, and I was going back and forth. It was it was literally making me sick, I was so stressed out. I thought I had this potential to actually make the wrong decision and “Oh my God, my life is going to be over.”

Now I’m in the place where I finally feel like I have control over my life and my emotions.

I trust, now more than ever, in my ability to go through the decision. There are a lot of big things happening in my life this year, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It is a series of small decisions that I make as I need to make them. I can’t thank you enough for everything - coaching, and just the massive change you brought into my life.

— Megan

Fear is different. In the beginning, the fear was so much about outside, societal expectations and pressures, and it was very noisy and clangy. And now I’m living my life for myself. I’m doing the things I want to be doing and they’re brand new, so it’s scary! But it’s easier because I have less fear & anxiety in my day-to-day.

So when fear does come up, I have more bandwidth and I’m not exhausted. I’m able to think critically, and apply different perspectives, and sit with it, and not become completely overwhelmed by it. Because it feels more rare than it did before.

I’m able to make decisions now because I trust myself more. And now that I’ve eliminated a lot of the unnecessary negative noise, I can hear myself clearly and loudly. It’s easy to make decisions because the next, best thing is just more obvious.

— Ariell

Hi, I'm Kirsten

Before becoming a Decision Coach, I used my Yale Master's Degree to fuel a 10+ year career in Theater Stage Management. 

Making good, fast decisions was my day job — but it wasn't my forte in everyday life!

As I got further down that career path, I got more uncertain about my choices. They were never as easy or straightforward as I knew they could be — and I got tired of not feeling in charge or self-directed enough, despite continued success!

So I switched gears and decided to make everyday decision-making my new Zone of Genius — for myself and for the oh-so-many high-achieving clients who had similar struggles.

I specialize in helping people organize their thoughts, hear themselves clearly and take action on what they really want.

If you want to feel great about your choices, I'm here to tell you: You deserve to, and it's totally possible.

Yup, that's what I want

"Working with you over the last year has been really helpful on so many levels. I've collected tools to help me on my day-to-day humaning journey with more self-compassion and enjoyment.

The 10-Day Challenge was a great one -with your support and the framework of the program in general I was able to set a boundary around my sleep habits.

Going through this with a coach and seeing the results helped me gather the information that will help me to set boundaries in other areas of life. Life is just easier and much more straightforward when you have someone to bounce ideas off, vent, etc, and get back really useful insights that I normally wouldn't see or acknowledge as valid."


"For the year I worked with Kirsten, there were times when she was the person I wanted to talk to the most in the world. Our 1-on-1 sessions were invaluable progress reports / generous business meetings that helped train my mind and body to take things one step at a time and trust the process, trust myself, all while acknowledging the wins and the challenges along the way, practicing a self-love I sorely lacked.

Kirsten helped me focus my vision, my core value, my goals, which eliminated a lot of hand-wringing around making decisions."


"I don't feel desperate for time or frantic like before” Elizabeth

If you don't love how life works right now...

Don't wait 'til you're 60 to "finally change things."

You deserve this NOW.

And it won't be as hard as spending the next decade or two settling for less!

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Client Spotlight

The decision-making process has been simplified!

Andy felt like he struggled with decisions his whole life: "There were so many different shiny objects and ideas that I'm interested in...I knew that was clogging the system. That I was making it harder on myself."

But within weeks of joining the DMP, he created an LLC, chose a logo, made a website...established a voiceover career!

Coaching helped him prioritize himself — to get ouf of that "not knowing what to do or what to say yes/no to" and "focus on what matters rather than wasting energy on the in-between angst feeling."



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