The change I want to see in the world is that people are HAPPIER, so they’re empowered to be more connected, more effective & more compassionate.


I’m a sun-lovin’ L.A. native who wants people in the world to be happier! (And I started with myself).

My professional background includes putting my Yale masters degree to hard work building a career in theater stage management and project management. My personal background includes a decade+ of constantly feeling “not there yet.”

If you’re familiar with this little gremlin of a belief, you know it’s simply crushing. Walking around your life convinced that you’re not good enough as is makes every accomplishment (personal, professional, internal, external) fall short of celebrate-able, and every shortcoming (real or perceived) 10x more criticize-able.

When I decided I needed to leave the career I had zero joy left in, I was unclear & ungrounded. I didn’t know what I wanted other than to be happy with myself and my life. And I didn’t know how to achieve that without becoming an entirely different person. (Ouch.)

This was my moment to decide I was brave enough* to change things (*not true, so scared, did it anyway). I stopped trying to work my way to “good enough” and started getting to know myself. It got uncomfortable at times, but it also felt ah-may-zing to claim more and more of who I really was.

Now, I know who I am (an imperfect, goofy, hard-working badass), I feel present and happy in my skin & in my life, and I know how to go after goals that matter to me. And my joy today comes from helping others who want to really know, challenge and celebrate themselves too!



Your happiness is the key to more than you may think. Self-acceptance, resilience, stability, success, fulfillment, prosperity, longevity, health: It’s easy to want to work on these things, thinking it’ll lead to feeling Deep Down Happy. And it’s easy to hold back that Happy until you’ve “checked enough boxes.”

But the science don’t lie, boo! Research (not to mention tons of people’s life experience) shows that allowing yourself to feel whole and happy NOW is what helps all these other great goals come to fruition more easily & fully.

I used to hold back, and I’m so flippin’ grateful to know there’s a better way now. My mission is to help people to go boldly after what they want, and not wait for conditions to be perfect before they allow themselves to feel happy.



If it sounds like I’m speakin’ your language, click below to let me know what you’re up to and let’s see if we’re a fit to get you on the road to Deep Down Happy!