#8: How to Prioritize YOU in Your Decisions (SIMPLE Principle #4)

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Kirsten Parker
#8: How to Prioritize YOU in Your Decisions (SIMPLE Principle #4)

What to we REALLY want? Well, it depends on what level you look.

At the deepest level, we want to make powerful, authentic, self-honoring choices that help us BE who we wanna be. 

But at the surface, we often simply want to make choices that help us avoid discomfort. Our default "wants" (aka our habitualized instincts, which we're not consciously choosing) can be to NOT rock the boat...to NOT make people upset...because that stuff's usually uncomfortable! 

The problem arises when prioritizing our comfort means deprioritizing who we want to be.

When that starts happening, it's time to get honest that all this "comfort" doesn't feel as good as we think! And it's time to start prioritizing YOU in your decisions (yup...MORE than other people).

In this episode, I share a story about a client deciding "It's more important for ME to be HAPPY with my choice than for other people NOT to be UNHAPPY about it" - Pure gold!

This is the "P" of the 6 Principles of SIMPLE Decision Making: Prioritize You.

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In this episode, you'll learn: 

  • How incredibly normal it is for smart, self-aware people to have this pesky habit of prioritizing others' over themselves
  • The difference between "prioritizing yourself" and "being selfish" (spoiler: not the same)
  • TWO incredibly doable options for making a clear, powerful decision that BOTH start with the question "What do I want?"



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