#59: 4 Things To STOP Talking Yourself Out Of

Jul 06, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#59: 4 Things To STOP Talking Yourself Out Of

Attention 🚨 Calling all fulfillment-seeking joy enthusiasts who lean towards over-working, under-resting and generally being a bit to hard on yourself...This episode's for YOU!

In my years of coaching hard-working folks like yourselves, I've noticed some important trends. 

The desires to maximize life experience and minimize regret are (unsurprisingly) a common through line. 

But in our efforts to DO and FEEL our best, we can develop pretty sneaky self-limiting habits.

Namely, we can get in the habit of automatically talking ourselves out of things we want, that we deserve, that would be good for us.

This episode walks you through 4 Main Ingredients to a whole, happy, fulfilledl life that YOU may be depriving yourself of. We talk about how to spot it if it's happening (it can be SO subtle) — and simple things to try this week to start changing that habit asap.

Take a look through the list and check if you're holding back in any of these areas on a regular basis: 

  1. JOY...Do you do things just for fun? Or do you squash those ideas before they even get thought through because "it's not a good time...that's too extra...come on, that'd be crazy"?
  2. HELP...Do you ask for help? Or do you not even let yourself consider accepting it when offered? This is one of the most common habits I see, which has a huge ripple effect on your daily life.
  3. REST...This one's so common, it's easy to brush off with an eyeroll!  Oh yeah, I definitely push myself too hard, but what're you gonna do? (Yes, my question exactly.)
  4. PERMISSION...This might be the most painful thing in the world to deprive yourself of, which is why it gets the most air time in this episode.

When it comes to giving yourself permission — to want what you want, feel how you wanna feel, dream big, take risks...all kinds of factors come into play that often HELP you talk yourself out of it. 

I see people talk themselves out of permission to like their jobs more because "That's just how this industry works." ...Permission to try something new & scary because "Someone would call it irresponsible or selfish." ...Permission to accept & celebrate themselves because "They haven't earned it yet." 

Today, I'm challenging you to see what happens when you STOP talking yourselves out of this stuff. I'm guessing if you give it a try, you won't go back! 

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