#5: When You Wanna Decide ALL THE THINGS at Once (SIMPLE Principle #1)

clarity make things easy overwhelm Jun 15, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#5: When You Wanna Decide ALL THE THINGS at Once (SIMPLE Principle #1)

Have you ever had a decision to make (big OR small) that your brain refuses to concentrate on? 

You start out thinking about this wedding invite you just got, and all of a sudden every unknown about the year ahead seems urgent, and you find yourself trying to make all 1900 decisions at once. Or you start with next week's presentation, and ten minutes later, you have 7 tabs open as you simultaneously build a PowerPoint AND Google alternative careers. 

Trying to decide ALL THE THINGS (aka Snowball Thinking and/or Pinball Thinking) is a way we Overthinkers mega-frustrate ourselves. Not only does it perpetuate the story that "We can't focus," but this habit also creates huge DELAYS in decision making as it DRAINS your precious energy.

The "S" of our Principles of SIMPLE Decisions stands for Singular.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why this usually frustrating habit actually makes human sense
  • How to be nicer to yourself as you change this habit
  • How building the habit of finding the MVP (Most Valuable Problem to solve first) will get you out of perpetual Snowball Mode and clearer on the next best step every time!



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