#41: Expert Interview! Don't Love the Work You're Doing? Change the Narrative You're Living In - with Coach Winn Clark

career change clarity decision confidence enjoying the present self-compassion taking action Mar 02, 2023

Want to love your work more (...or at all)? Ever struggled with the Inner Critic??

This episode's for you, my friend!

Winn Clark, my own former coach and now friend-for-life (she knows, it's not weird...), drops in this week to give you some BIG stuff to think about:

👉 How to create lasting change by changing the narrative you're living in

  • "So much of how you show up in the world is dictacted by your narrative - old habits, old ways of seeing yourself."
  • "What got you here isn't going to help you get there."

👉 How to REALLY deal with that "well-defined Inner Critic voice" that's all too familiar for the high-achiever

  • Especccccially if it brings up old crap "you think you should have solved by now."
  • She even breaks down a 3-step exercise you can do TODAY to get super familiar with your Inner Critic, and start relating to it differently so that it stops "being in charge of where your life is going."
  • Also, a message to all the folks like me who really just wish this voice would stop showing up: "You're normal — You're not gonna get rid of it."

👉 She normalizes the fact that creating change (particularly in your career) feels so frickin' hard at the beginning

  • Think: rockets need SO MUCH fuel to get off the ground and out of our normal atmosphere before it gets into orbit and things feeling "easier"

👉 The importance of being in an intentional energy when you decide to think about your Future Vision OR your Inner Critic

💥 Plus the 3 Interviewee Questions:

  1. What should someone do if they think they might want coaching?

It tends to be a decision people try to make "from the head up." If you can bring the decision down into your body, into your heart and into your gut...bring your head and your heart AND your gut to the equation. Do you feel like "This is what's next for me, for my own development, for my highest good"? That's the place to make the decision from.

2. What kind of decision-maker do you consider yourself to be right now?

Historically, I'm an Overthinker. I'm wired to be an Overthinker. But when I reflect on the good decisions I've made - last week, last month, last year, over the course of my life - every single one of them has been an intuitive hit in my body. It's a physical body knowing.

3. What's a recent self-honoring decision you want to share with us?

She says "It sounds pathetic, but..." - You know the small things are the big deals, though, so you'll love her giant answer!

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About Winn:

Winn Clark coaches creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and executives in 1:1 and group coaching offerings. Inspired by the transformation she experienced being coached and a lifelong passion for personal development, Winn launched her coaching practice in 2015 to support clients in reaching their fullest potential in their work and lives!

Winn is a Certified Integral Coach. In 2016 she completed the year-long Professional Coaching Course at New Ventures West in San Francisco, where she serves as adjunct faculty as co-lead of The Business of Integral Coaching Program. She’s a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Winn created the All-In With Winn group coaching program for creatives and coaches who want to go next-level in their business. She also developed True Path, a proprietary framework to support people in finding their dream career. Executive coaching engagements come from a variety of industries including entertainment, marketing services, and technology.

Before becoming a coach, Winn spent over 20 years in the corporate world in product management, marketing, and business development at places as diverse as a Fortune 500 company, a financial services start-up, and the world’s largest CRM/direct marketing agency. She earned an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Winn lives in Paso Robles, California, where she supports clients across the US and the world. You can learn more about her at winnclark.com or follow her on Instagram @winnclark or on LinkedIn.

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