#4: The Overthinker’s Checklist: 6 Essentials to Simplify Decisions

decision confidence free download! make things easy overthinking overwhelm Jun 01, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#4: The Overthinker’s Checklist: 6 Essentials to Simplify Decisions

Do you love a LIST as much as I do? Then YAY this episode is going to light you up. To solve overthinking, we have to make it SIMPLE. Otherwise, it's too big and vague a problem, which makes it impossible to solve. 

So to SIMPLIFY your decisions and make this a problem of the past, I'm offering you a handy dandy checklist: The 6 Principles of Simple Decisions.

Ready for the super helpful worksheet?


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What the 6 Principles of Simple Decisions are (yes, they spell out the word SIMPLE, natch 😉)
  • How to give yourself quick permission to stop overthinking and make everything EASIER (yes, right now)
  • That these habits may sound big & frustrating but can change WAY FASTER than you think!



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