#36: 4 Steps to Process Making a Mistake at Work (Personal Story!)

anxiety doubt fear of getting it wrong overwhelm regret self-compassion self-regulation Jan 26, 2023
Kirsten Parker
#36: 4 Steps to Process Making a Mistake at Work (Personal Story!)

So much effort goes into setting ourselves up for SUCCESS, yeah?

Which - yay, love that - keep it.


What happens when stuff inevitably DOESN'T happen how we want it to?

We don't meet the deadline. We don't do the great job we wanted. We mess up.

Well, since this literally happened for ME recently, I want to talk about this in specifics!

This week, I'm sharing the 4 steps you GOTTA take yourself through in order to process "making a mistake" — responsibly and self-compassionately.

Listen in for:

  • The real-life "mistake" I made when life got busy, I took on too much, and something didn't get done on time!
  • What your own "Mistake Habits" are (find out if you think mistakes necessitate self-judgment, shame & guilt)
  • How guilt can be most useful if it's used correctly!


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