#29: The Cure for "If Only..." Agony

anxiety certainty clarity decision confidence doubt fear of getting it wrong permission regret Dec 01, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#29: The Cure for "If Only..." Agony

I don't think I've seen anything complicate decisions more than the agony of "If only..."

This one teensy thought is such a doozy 'cause it wreaks havoc on past, present and future choices.

And if you're listening today, I bet you're ready for the cure — so you can stop: 

  • Playing out the same mental movies about how past decisions could've gone differently
  • Second-guessing every choice you consider today
  • Catastrophizing about what you might regret ten years from now

Based on my own personal experience and hearing this from dozens of clients, I also know it's a kind of singularly crappy pain to wholeheartedly believe things would be better...you would be happier or more successful...IF ONLY you'd decided X instead of Y.

But how do you let go of that idea when "If only...." feels so true about the past and so scary about the future?

I'm going to tell you exactly how in today's episode — because there IS truly a cure.

Listen in to find out why this mental habit is so dang compelling — and how to change it (forever).

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