#28: The EASIEST Gratitude Practice You'll Ever Do

enjoying the present make things easy permission self-regulation Nov 24, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#28: The EASIEST Gratitude Practice You'll Ever Do

It's National Gratitude Month...

But if you're like me, gratitude has felt temporarily delicious at times, but also overwhelming & chore-like. 😬

This happens to A LOTTA people who genuinely want to appreciate the good stuff in their lives, not overly focus on the negatives, keep their perspective in check...

Somehow something as simple as a FEELING can get super complicated. 

So this week — get ready there's a terrible cliche rhyme coming!! 😱— we're gonna DE-PLATITUDE GRATITUDE.

It's the only way to bypass the BS and get you actually experiencing the benefits you want from this legitimately life-changing practice.

And we do that by letting you have an EXPERIENCE of gratitude, instead of talking about how it works, how good it feels and how you should do it.

Tune in for a step-by-step walk-through of gratitude — and bookmark this episode so you can do this over & over!

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