#24: Are you hiring the wrong people for the wrong jobs?

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Kirsten Parker
#24: Are you hiring the wrong people for the wrong jobs?

At a business retreat in beautiful Jackson Hole, WY last week, I realized I've done some "mis-hires" lately!

I was there to work with my new business coach, alongside 20 other female entrepreneurs (so fun).

And getting such specific help, to provide specific solutions in my business, revealed the help I wasn't getting before.

The emotional guidance, the business strategy, the likeminded community...it turns out, I was actually relying on my poor sweet husband for a lotta that stuff...ūüė¨

And while we genuinely enjoy talking about our work with each other, he is not the best person for THAT job.


This prompted me to consider...what else might I be hiring out in less-than-optimal ways?

I encourage you to ask the same question. And to make it easy, think about it this way:

Am I getting everything I need?

The thing is, Kenny is amazing at listening, giving thoughtful feedback & being generally enthusiastic about my business (he's the best!)

But his amazingness notwithstanding - I wasn't getting everything I need from him, when it comes to professional guidance & human connection. 

And that's ok.

It's not a knock on him. And it's not even a failure on my part.

It's just really good DATA to have, that I'm using to make GREAT DECISIONS going forward.

So take this question and run with it. Are you getting everything you need: in the emotional, physical, professional, financial, joyful arenas of your life? 

Check in, if you've subconsciously hired a friend to be your therapist...or a mentor to be your life coach!

I promise: When you start identifying the help you really need, and start hiring the BEST people for those jobs, your relationships AND your success will thrive!

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