#11: What Happens When You Decide to Go After Your Dreams

certainty doubt goals permission taking action Jul 28, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#11: What Happens When You Decide to Go After Your Dreams

What even IS a decision? 🤔

Before you dismiss this as a silly question, I'd love for you to try answering it. 🤓

What are you doing when you "decide" something? What happens in that moment?

Turns out, this answer makes a big difference in how you treat your decisions! 💪

My job is to help people hear themselves clearly about what they want, and set themselves up to TRUST what they decide to do about those dreams. (So I've thought a lot about this 😅)

Today, I'm sharing some KEY things Overthinkers like us need to know, so we can stop holding ourselves back from entertaining, let alone going after, our biggest dreams!

In this episode, you'll learn: 

  • A super specific (super POWERFUL) way to define decisions
  • The vital step you might be skipping when you "set a goal"
  • The permission you might be waiting for from yourself, in order to turn a Dream into a Goal

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