#10: YAY we get to make decisions more efficient! (SIMPLE Principle #6)

Jul 21, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#10: YAY we get to make decisions more efficient! (SIMPLE Principle #6)

Ok I admit it. I'm an efficiency enthusiast. 🤩

I love when things work well and no time's wasted. (You? SAMESIES??)

But I used to be addicted to productivity. Fixated on getting more done, faster...just for the sake of (...um...the same brainwashing we all got, not much more).

Today, my deep & passionate love for efficiency 😉 has a much calmer quality to it.

I love "saving time & energy" for the same reason my prone-to-hyper-productivity clients do: because we know how precious our resources really are. And we wanna be more selfish with them!


This is why the "E" of the SIMPLE Principles of Decisions stands for Efficiency.


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In this episode, you'll learn: 

  • How to save time and energy on decisions that you didn't even know were costing you 
  • Why we're prone to hesitating and dragging decisions out (hint: Hollywood plays a big role in this..!)
  • What happens when you change the habit of believing "decisions need to take a long time"



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