#1: From Overthinker to Decision Master: Your 3 New Favorite Skills

clarity overthinking self-regulation self-trust Jun 01, 2022
Kirsten Parker
#1: From Overthinker to Decision Master: Your 3 New Favorite Skills

Becoming an EX-Overthinker sounds so lovely...But how do we fit that into our already jam-packed schedules? 

The good news I want to offer you today (read: shout from the rooftops) is that you ALREADY possess the 3 Main Skills you need to feel total badassery when it comes to decision making.

So all we need to do from here is highlight how you're already GOOD at this stuff, then strengthen those skills on purpose. 

And believe me when I say I've been there. Just like my big-brained, high-achieving clients who think "they shouldn't be so anxious or get in their own ways" so much - I know what it's like to feel like you're miles away from where you want to be.

From your energy (like, how grounded-to-frantic you feel on a daily basis)...to your mindset (i.e. how you tend to think about yourself, or what's possible)...to your life direction (which you may or may not feel totally purposeful in)!

But I promise, if I can become an Ex-Overthinker, and my clients can become Decision Masters, SO CAN YOU.

Want a super handy roadmap for the journey? 


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BEST NEWS: Over my personal journey into EX-Overthinker-dome, and through several years of coaching Overthinkers, I've got this nailed down to a science. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How possible it is to go from Overthinking on the daily to feeling calm, clear & in charge of your choices
  • The 3 Main Skills that make it EASY to know what you want and cut through the noise of overthinking
  • Exactly how to hone these skills, which you're likely already way stronger at than you think



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