Make Your Next Career Decision REGRET-PROOF


Career decisions are stressful enough...

Come to this Workshop to get the practical tools & the mindset shifts my clients are using to quit their jobs, start their businesses or bring more boundaries & alignment to their work!

THURSDAY, JUNE 8: 10am PT / 1pm ET (YES to a Replay!)

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Here's the conundrum.


The way you've been making decisions your whole life has WORKED.

Not to lead you to a place where you're 100% sure of what you're doing and 100% love the way your life is running...

(that's why you're here!)

...But it's "worked" to get you through the hardest challenges, to maintain your relationships as they currently function, and to get you your success.

And you need to know it's OK to change things up at this point. 

This is your one & only life.

"What's worked before" doesn't matter more than what you want NOW.

You are undeniably entitled to WANT to:

  • Like the direction you're taking your life
  • YUP, even if that looks different than the last 10-20 years
  • Make decisions based on what you want (today)
  • NOT on what other people want or "how you've always done things"
  • Enjoy your days, like your work, feel aligned & fulfilled 
  • Even if you have no idea how to get there 

That's what Coaching's for.

I'll help you own what you want and really go after it: breaking down the overthinking, people-pleasing, perfectionist habits along the way.

You deserve to love the decisions you're making.

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