Individual Client Super-Stories

I've been on such a roll – feeling present and celebratory. I'm appreciative of our work together every day. Seriously. — Adriana C.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for making the decision to work with Kirsten. I realize I probably would have come to many of these revelations on my own, but she assisted me in expediting the process and pinpointing exactly what I needed to be addressing as I made moves forward. — Vanessa T

Kirsten was a joy to work with; she holds you accountable without feeling like a drill sergeant and when things got tough or in some way didn't work for me, she was quick and responsive to changing tactics.  She was flexible and always at the ready with more tools to help guide me through the process of career and life determinations.  I highly recommend Kirsten to anyone who needs more focus in their life.  If you're ready to explore the ways that being grounded can help achieve your goals, give Kirsten a call.  If you need some help packing your backpack for your life-journey with the proper tools in an organized, but also organic, way, then give Kirsten a call.  She is professional, compassionate, and a great listener; she'll prepare you for whatever your next steps are through laughs and/or tears. — Courtney D.

My clarity session with Kirsten was such a gift. I can’t recommend working with her enough. With deep listening and compassion - and helpful questions - she helped me gain essential insight and direction during a challenging time of indecision in my life. I was able to see and understand aspects of my past in a new, supportive light, and begin to feel hope for the future again. After the session, Kirsten offered several resources and forms of support in such a generous way. She’s a wonderful spirit and companion and coach, and I hope to be able to work with her again in the future. — Eowyn L.

I felt like I could speak openly without judgement. Working with Kirsten felt more productive than three therapy sessions. I have a clearer understanding of my goals and a better appreciation of what I have to offer. — Corwin E.

Kirsten is amazingly fun, thoughtful and skilled at what she does. I was lucky enough to have a clarity session with her and she was so supportive and engaged during our time together. She had extremely helpful and practical ideas as well as suggestions for more centered and grounded work.  I highly recommend Kirsten (and have already to some friends) if you are able to reach out to her for whatever it is that you need in your life at this time.  — Mary A.

Workshop & Event Rockstars

It was wonderful working with Kirsten. She is a joy to be with and very insightful. I found out time together very helpful. — Betsy C.

Kirsten has so much passion for her work and for her clients! She's the real deal and leads with her heart in everything she does. I recommend Kirsten if you're interested in working with a coach who will support you fully in really stepping into the life you want!  — Winn C.

Kirsten is a wonderful person and passionate about helping others. She offers great strategies for gaining clarity and assists her clients in attacking their goals with excitement and passion!! Highly recommend her!  — Sandra S.


Her approach to self discovery and reaching one's fullest potential is revelatory, heartfelt and fun. I think that's where Kirsten excels  - not just in helping clients drop into what they really want, but helping them see how they can create that in their life in a way where they feel supported with grace and ease.  — Audrey S.

Organic conversation, lasting results!  — Ashleigh A.


What a light Kirsten is! Having her in my life is like having the ultimate cheerleader supporting my greatness and potential when I fail to see it myself. Her reflections and perspective on life and living have been beautiful gifts in my own process of personal development. Her heart for helping others is so refreshing and nourishing. Grateful!  — Kristen A.

Kirsten is a bright, energetic, thoughtful, and service-oriented person, let alone coach. She has a drive and a passion towards helping people be and feel their best, regardless of what they are looking to achieve. She is supportive, encouraging, and uplifting when times may seem tough, and she brings a touch of humor, always appropriately, when it may serve to bring a smile to someone's face. She is a pleasure to have in your presence, and she is sure to inspire anyone on a path to betterment. — Jennifer L.


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