1-on-1 Client Super-Stories

I've been on such a roll – feeling present and celebratory. I'm appreciative of our work together every day. Seriously. — Adriana C.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for making the decision to work with Kirsten. I realize I probably would have come to many of these revelations on my own, but she assisted me in expediting the process and pinpointing exactly what I needed to be addressing as I made moves forward. — Vanessa T.

Kirsten was a joy to work with; she holds you accountable without feeling like a drill sergeant and when things got tough or in some way didn't work for me, she was quick and responsive to changing tactics.  She was flexible and always at the ready with more tools to help guide me through the process of career and life determinations.  I highly recommend Kirsten to anyone who needs more focus in their life.  If you're ready to explore the ways that being grounded can help achieve your goals, give Kirsten a call.  If you need some help packing your backpack for your life-journey with the proper tools in an organized, but also organic, way, then give Kirsten a call.  She is professional, compassionate, and a great listener; she'll prepare you for whatever your next steps are through laughs and/or tears. — Courtney D.

Group Program & Workshop Successes

Not only is Kirsten the most organized human I know, but she was the absolute best support system in moving my career forward and most importantly in prioritizing my overall self. From productive coffee dates, recaps of those coffee dates, check-ins, an online log of personal actions to take, videos filled with tools to get you to achieve your goals and so so much more, your life inevitably shifts forward. It was a dream to work with her and I am beyond grateful for Kirsten! — Elizabeth P.

It was wonderful working with Kirsten. She is a joy to be with and very insightful. I found our time together very helpful. — Betsy C.

I'm someone who loves therapy, self-care, yoga, retreats and all the self-improvement tools I can get my hands on. So I've done a lot of virtual and in-person courses and one-offs geared towards happier, more productive lives... I tend to enjoy them, but not always satisfied with the results. Working with Kirsten, on the other hand is a different story! The sessions are fun, insightful, and dig deep but what Kirsten is really skilled in is taking all your thoughts/feelings/hopes/dreams and streamlining them in a concise, organized way to reflect back to you and making a plan. She helps you uncover the things you want, recognize your blockages, and finding ways that work for YOU to stop getting in your own way. Kirsten is a skilled, knowledgeable, and uplifting life coach who will make you excited about tackling what you want to get out of life-- whether it's the big stuff like a career switch, or smaller but equally important stuff like building a daily meditation practice. — Nina H.

If I could give 200 stars out of 5 I would! Really truly amazing coaching from Kirsten. I went into the Deep Dive wanting to build up my positivity and thoughtfulness and through the accountability and support of the group and Kirsten, I really truly do feel like my base happiness level has been risen and I look for things that I can do throughout the day to bring other people joy and I feel so light and bubbly. Of course not everyday is perfect, and Kirsten helped me realize that and helped me in how to handle the inner critic and other road bumps that come up throughout life. Would very highly recommend!! — Devon B.

Kirsten is a wonderful person and passionate about helping others. She offers great strategies for gaining clarity and assists her clients in attacking their goals with excitement and passion!! Highly recommend her!  — Sandra S.


Organic conversation, lasting results!  — Ashleigh A.

Her approach to self discovery and reaching one's fullest potential is revelatory, heartfelt and fun. I think that's where Kirsten excels  - not just in helping clients drop into what they really want, but helping them see how they can create that in their life in a way where they feel supported with grace and ease.  — Audrey S.