Be Deep Down Happy

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Hi, I’m Kirsten.

I help people feel Deep Down Happy.

You know how you get in your own way,

repeat the same not-working behavior,

and run crappy-feeling worries + fears on a loop?

Meanwhile you’re still waiting to do what you say you wanna do?

You can change all that. Easier + faster than you think.


“I've been on such a roll – feeling present and celebratory. I'm appreciative of our work together every day. Seriously.” — Adriana C.

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Deep Down Happy Deep Dive!

You could use more happy. Get clear on what exactly that means & start doin’ the damn thing!

6-week online interactive group program starts September. Your commitment to yourself starts now!*

*This program is already underway - Info on the next one’s coming soon!

I don’t know about you, but personally…

I don’t want to spend my days “working on myself”

I want to go on ocean-view hikes, be energized by work I totally love and make brunch plans with amazing peeps from my tribe.

Sound good to you too?

PERF. I’ll help you get out of complaint spin-cycle, unclear-stuck-town & snail-pace mode and get you into gear for the life you dream.

Let’s talk about what coaching’s like and how YOU can benefit from more clarity, positivity, self-compassion and more good stuff!


what you want

To be stoked to be YOU — imperfections and all.

Handle your work and life with ease, skill & real confidence.

Shut up your mouthy inner critic and unleash your true badassness.

Free yourself from crazy high standards and mute your Rejection Radar.

Make intentional, consistent moves towards your most important goals.

Be the version of yourself that you’re crazy about.

baby, i got it

Well truthfully, YOU’VE got it. But I can help. Let’s:

Get super clear on what you want to do, feel & accomplish.

Break down all those BS thoughts making you doubt yourself & hold back.

Get honest about what’s working & what needs to change.

Make a plan using the best science-backed info and tried & tested tools.

Set you up to spend less time in worry & fear and more time enjoying your life!

Creating meaningful change that lasts takes time.

With structure and guidance, you can do it in less time with more ease.

Yes please!

“I can’t recommend working with Kirsten enough. With deep listening and compassion - and helpful questions - she helped me gain essential insight and direction during a challenging time of indecision in my life.” — Eowyn L.


Be 100% in love with your life & your self